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Florida SOAP Luncheons
Chick Foley's Retirement

Yelm Gathering August, 2004
LA Center Retiree's Luncheon September 21, 2004
DTW Retirees October 25, 2004
Tommy E Barclay's Retirement

Your 2004 memories.
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Grand Junction, CO, April 2004

Wayne Brimner, Ed Marvin, Norval Larsen, Buck Holman, Harry Teegarden & Al Hosier

30th birthday of the Los Angeles Center

This occasion was the 30th birthday of the Los Angeles Center. It also commemorated the passing of a milestone in traffic count, so that the facility was being upgraded. All of this was quite a party as you can imagine!

Jack Hilton #1919

Audrey Hilton, Jack Hilton, Mrs. Marks and Fred Marks

Central California/Tahoe Reunion

The weather was mild, the hills were green, and the champagne was chilled. That was the setting for a brunch held at Santa Rosa's Oakmont Village. Overlooking the golf course, one had a view that matched the excellence of the cuisine on that 6th day of May 2004.

Organized by Phyllis Rebuschatis, this one of a kind event was dual purposed. One was to honor her husband Robert, who had not survived long enough to attend. He was one of Flight Standards topflight check pilots and all around planner. Second, the idea was to bring together as many as possible of the ones that had for so many many years enjoyed the ambience of the Tahoe Reunion. Ralph and Harriette Anglea cannot be thanked enough for sharing their beautiful home year after year.

To top off the brunch, Phyllis's son Robert Jr. gave a very interesting and educational presentation on wine production as it relates to Sonoma County's weather. He is so qualified he made a complex endeavor sound simple.
Last, if anyone could provide leadership for the next "Tahoe Reunion" please check with Jim Holtsclaw, SOAP Executive Director or Ralph Anglea.

Reported by Jerry Long #2514


Ray Maddox's 75th Birthday

Thanks to Ed Marvin #2452

Wayne & Pat Brimner (AT), Norval & Arlone Larsen (AF), Ed Marvin (AT),
Harold & Carol (Unruh) Smith (AF), Res Stucker (AF), Pat & George Wong
(AT), Virgil & Pat Berridge (AT), Ray Maddox (AF), Isabel Marvin (AT)
Grand Junction 2004

Isabel Marvin, Pat Brimner, Arlone Larsen with Ray Maddox

Harry Teegarden (AF) at the Teegarden Farm. Grand Junction, CO 2004

Every now and then Bob Bartley, Don Crist, Bob Hess, and I get together on a Saturday morning at Denny's Restaurant in Orangevale and rehash the years in McClellan Rapcon. We all live in the same general area. I will be leaving the pack in September as the wife and I are moving to Federal Way, WA to be near our younger son. After living in the same house for 45 years it is tough to leave but we are getting older everyday and need to be near one of the family. We are getting tired of doing yardwork and house maintenance and will lease a townhome and let someone else do the work. The house sale is in escrow and was sold in ten days so escrow should be done 9/3/04.

Bob Bartley is still working for Folsom Lake Ford in the fleet department. Bob Hess, Don Crist, and I are retired. I worked 24 years delivering cars and trucks for a lot of companies in the Sacramento area after retiring from the FAA. The last 5 years I worked with Bob at Folsom Lake Ford. We have known each other since 1956 when I entered the LAX Center when it was at the airport and I was one of his trainees. Both of us came to the Mather Rapcon in 1959 and Bob has lived in the same home two streets from our home. Bob Hess transfered from SAC tower the same time and Don Crist arrived a little later in the year. Bob lives in Orangevale and has a half acre with fruit and nut trees that occupies much of his time. Don Crist does a lot of traveling in his motorhome enjoying the good life. All of us are healthy and have our wives so can't complain.

Vern Gravning

MCC RAPCON Rat Pack -- Bob B. Don C., Bob H., Vern G.

Ken Krohn, Irv Vodovoz, Marion Davis and Ron Washington

Maxine McCarthy, Ed McCarthy, Bill Whitla, Jan Whitla, Roy Richards, Marylou Carr, Dan Carr, Gerry Turner, Jim Turner

You may recognize some of the people in this picture. I was Larry Robison's Special Assistant during this period (circa 1980). In the front row left to right, that's me, (can't believe I was ever that young), than Larry Robison (Rocky Mountain AT Div. Mgr), Dick Failor and that is about as far as I can go. I recognize a few of the managers in the other rows. I am sure some of you will get a kick out of seeing some of these folks.

The picture was taken at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver, CO. I arrived in Denver in the summer of 1978, but worked for the Regional Director for a year before joining the AT Division. So I guess this picture would have been taken from late 1979 to late 1980. It was probably just before Larry retired.

Tom Doyle

These pictures were taken on the occasion of Monte Gillespie's 65th birthday, 2/1/04. The guys are all SeaTac Tower/TRACON alumni. Monte Gillespie and Bob Earl are Arizona residents. Jim Gillmore and Chuck Bird are "Snowbirds". There are many SeaTac snowbirds in the area, for good reason.

Bob Earl, #3212

Mountains ring Monty's home in Tucson, Arizona. Left to right: Chuck Bird, Monte Gillespie, Jim Gillmore, and Bob Earl

Sunset over an arroyo at Monte's home, Chuck and Linnea Bird, Monte Gillespie, and Kathy Earl (in yellow). Jim and Paula Gillmore are looking over their shoulders at the camera.

 Great Lakes Reunion

The sixth biannual Great Lakes Region reunion was held in Branson, MO in September, 2003. Ted Carroll and Jim Murray were the hosts. Great company, great shows and a great time. The next reunion will be hosted by Farrell Smith in Indianapolis sometime in 2005.
Pictures submitted by: Bruce Hiles #3371

Seated from left to right are: Keith Burt, Llloyd Jensen, Milo Schaefer and George Acri. 
Leaning in is Farrell Smith. Standing are: Don Beeson, Jim Murray, Ted Carroll, J.C. Wilson and Bruce Hiles.

Seated from left to right are: Jean Jensen, Phyllis Burt, Luana Beeson and Carol Acri.
Standing are: Milda Schaefer, Mickey Smith, Joan Murray, Rosa Hiles, Et Wilson and Faye Carroll.

George and Carol Acri

J. C. and Ett Wilson

Ted and Faye Carroll

Luana, Rosa and Bruce


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