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Florida Luncheon 2010
DTW 5th Annual Reunion 2010
Jim O'Hara's 2/3 Scale P38
Skline Drive and Big Meadow 2010

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Ken Peppard #3574 Retirement Flight N2
Credits Jim Davis #3622
FAA's Cessna Citation, November Two, Reagan National Airport, December 28, 2010.
After 43 years and five months Ken is retiring from FAA (January 1, 2011).
These are a few snapshots of him and those that greeted him at DCA. His last flight as a FAA pilot.

DSCN 1708 Ken Arriving Hangar 6, DCA

1661 Jim Davis and Grandsons Jacob and Matt

1671 Jim and Grandsons in N1

1673 Jacob and Matt in the cockpit N1

1698 Ken (N1) taxiing in

1706 Ken Arriving Hangar 6, DCA

1707 Ken (again)

Ken with daughter Mandy and wife Phillis

Last Landing

Water Bridge Salute for Ken

Florida Snow Bird Reunion Luncheon

Again this year Ed and Ann Malo, Jim Holtsclaw, Lonnie Parrish and the Society
Editor Carol Campbell met for lunch at the famed Aunt Catfish restaurant in
Port Orange, Florida. A great time was had by all, war stories abounded and
the food was excellent.

Here is our group pic for our mid-winter retiree luncheon in Rockville Md. We had 12 attendees (pictured). As usual we met at Tony Lin's restaurant for a family style meal. As far as I know there is no other active retiree group in DC to represent the HQ area.

Ken Cohen #3501

Rockville Luncheon 2010

Here are the guests reading from left to right: Ed VanDuyne, John Horrocks,
Frank Carr, Jerry Bradley {mostly hidden), George Quinn, Murray Boris,
John Nigro, Bill Ornett, My wife Marjorie, my friend Dr. David Steinman totally hidden (not FAA) Cliff Vogel and Me hidden behind camera taking the pic

Credits to Tom Doyle #3496
NACA/NASA Archives
Gough, Hoover, Reeder, Cavallo and Gray

Some real pioneers. Received this picture from a friend from my NACA/ NASA days.

Welcome Back Nels
Credits to Patricia Faux #3483

The welcome back Oktoberfest was held on Thursday, October 8th at Denny & Christ Mayer's home in Lancaster.

Mac Havens, Jake Garland, Bina Barainca, Dean Martin

Denny Mayer

Tom and Jan Dowsett, Ed Custer, Dorine Ames, Nelson Ames, Betty Havens

Pat Faux, Nancy Custer, Chris Mayer

Tom Dowsett,  Denny Mayer

Mac Havens, Dean Martin, Bino Barainca, Jake Garland, Dorine Ames
Jan Dowsett, Nelson Ames, Betty Havens
   Pat Faux, Dean Martin, Mac Havens, Nelson Ames, Jake Garland, Bino Barainca, Denny Mayer, Betty  Havens, Jan and Tom Dowsett.

Jan and Tom Dowsett

Jim and Doreen Brown at the dinner celebrating the 100th anniversary of the San Diego chapter, Sons of the American Revolution. Taken July 18, 2010. Jim is the far right in the white dinner jacket and Doreen is partially blocked, but to his right. Taken at Rancho Bernardo Country Club.

It was a very fine celebration

August 7, 2010. Doreen and Jim at Doreen's birthday party.

Taken at our daughter's house in Sammamish, WA. Some 62 friends and relatives attended. Lucky she has a big house. Doreen looks great for someone who had cancer surgery on June 30. Actually her recovery has been remarkable. Only surgery, no chemo, no radiation.

Bob Gale (R) passes the Board of Director Chairperson’s records to New Chairperson
Ted Beckloff (L) September 1, 2010

Robert (Bob) I. Gale has been a member of the Society of Airway Pioneers since the organization’s creation. He has been Chairperson of the Society Board since 2003. As a life member, Bob has always been interested in seeing the Society grow and continue to recognize “pioneers” in the field of aviation. Bob is truly a world-wide aviation pioneer who was instrumental in fostering many of the changes made in air traffic control in the early years of the CAA and FAA. His contributions and support of the Society of Airway Pioneers has been significant and is very much appreciated.

We wish Bob the very best and know he will continue to support the Society.

This picture will be archived so that future generations might see what some of the guys who started this profession looked like.

I recognize the following:
(a) Ed Barrow seated in the front row fifth from the left
(b) Tirey Wickers seated third from right on front row
(c) Jack Hilton with mustache - standing almost behind Ed Barrow

My challenge to all members is to see how many others can be identified

Stan Seltzer #611

Old Picture - Styan Seltzer

The following photos were taken at an informal dinner when Tom and Barbara Jones passed through the DTW area on 8/5/2010. This continues as an annual event for Tom and Barb as they visit Michigan.

Tom and Barbara Jones #2505

Jim and Carol Holtsclaw #2738

Bob and Debbie Ervin #3517

Barbara Jones, Barbara and Mel White #3616

Dick Wallerstedt #3617

Rick Dawson #3535

Tom and Barbara Jones

Mary Jane Dawson #3535

Bob Ervin and Barbara Jones

Today, the first flight of the restored Eastern DC-7B from Opa Locka, FL was flown successfully. A perfect date. Keep your eyes and ears to the sky! Take off July 4th, 2010. Happy birthday, America.
Photo credits to Ken Peppard #3574 and Jim Davis #3622

DC-7 Flying past
DC-7 Flying Past

DC-7 Taking Off
Taking Off
Number 2

Number 2

McIntyre Wedding

Sheila and Harry McIntyre #3614 celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary August of 2009.


Picture submitted by Linda Cass #3658


For approximately 17 years, “SeaTac old timers and former aces” have been meeting at JJ’s Bar & Grill, for lunch, telling war stories and catching each other up with the latest happenings.  Back in its heyday, the establishment was called The Fireside Inn.  Many battle-worn and weary SeaTac aces spooled down at The Fireside Inn after a tough swing shift.  Now, retirees gather in June and December for a social respite from the everyday hum-drum life of retirement. 

Dick Bosik, SeaTac retiree, reported, “There was a great turnout yesterday (June 17, 2010).  There were 20 old washed-up, broken-down controllers at the luncheon.  In addition to lunch, most of the time was spent telling war stories and going over everyone's medical records.  Art Vail (SeaTac retiree) took pictures and added names to them.”  Future billings of this event should be expanded to include: lunch, war stories and a review of medical records.

Luncheons are often attended by retirees from other Seattle area towers and retirees from the Port of Seattle.  Luncheons are open to anyone who would like to share this experience.  Interested persons and those having special needs and/or requiring special assistance should contact Bruce Harpham, (253) 334-7728, or send an email to:

Submitted by,
Bob Earl #3212

Seatac Luncheon 1

Seatac Luncheon 2

Seatac Luncheon 3

Seatac Luncheon 4

Seatac Luncheon 5

Seatac Luncheon 6

Seatac Luncheon 7


Some SeaTac controllers have evolved into “snowbirds”.  For a number of years they have gathered to forage at various desert waypoints.  Bob Earl and Monte Gillespie (deceased) highly regarded the desert and established primary nests in Arizona.  Chuck Bird and Dick Bosik have also established comfortable roosts in Arizona to which they migrate annually for the purpose of drying-off.  Bob Carlson, Jim Gilmore, Roy Keehnel, Dick Prang and Neil Prindle have made such migrations in earlier times.  The gathering of these Arizona eagles follows the same format popular at JJ’s Bar and Grill: lunch, exchange of war stories, and increasingly - a comparison of medical events.

 Seatac 8

Seatac 9

Credits to Warren Lichtenberg #3161

Just thought I would let you know some of us old guys are alive and
kicking. we are probably better remembered as the beligerent old f--ts.
Anyway we spent a weekend on Lake Buchanan at Wayne Long's son's weekend
place. We did a little fishing, a lot of telling lies, visiting, playing
poker, the usual and remembering when the FAA was a good place to work.

                                      Charlie Brown, Wayne Long and me, Billy Samples

FAA Gypsies

Pictured at Judy's Restaurant 2010, in Fruita, Colorado are three well-worn, retired FAA gypsies who say duty in 18 different locations. All of the locations are the better for them having served there! !

Left to right are:

  •  Ed Marvin #2452 SEA, HIA, CYS, AKO, BZN, DIK and GJT
  • John Coffey EGE, GJT and LVM
  • Wayne Brimner #2547 DEN, ORT, BCE, RWL, IPL, TRM, LOL, GJT

Warm Weather in Costa Rica

Since Arizona and Florida were colder than normal this winter, the Williams #3741 and Holtsclaws #2738 fled to Costa Rica for some warm weather. Neither couple knew the other was there until John saw Jim coming down the hallway of the hotel with an bucket of ice. What a surprise since the last time they had seen each other was working at ONT TRACON years ago.

Left to Right, Jim, Carol, John, Barbara

"You know me....always ready for an adventure. Here is the next one:

On Saturday, February 13th, (weather permitting, of course) we will be setting a new Aviation World Speed Record from Carlsbad, CA to Phoenix, AZ and return (round trip, non-stop) in a Beechcraft C-45H: aka the "Beech Belle".
Here are some stats:

Year built: 1942 (factory reman 1953)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney R-985's (450 hp each)
Fuel 250 Total Gallons
Max Speed 240 kts
Cruise Speed 160 kts
Range @ Cruise 640 miles @ 160 kts

This will be the fastest time on this route in this type of aircraft. Plus it is great fun to fly a classic aircraft!
Jeff Acord Retired FAA

Credits to George Rogers

Marty and Leon Daugherty -----MSP Tower, Mid 70's
Credit to Marty Coddington #3602


Left to Right ATCS Ed McKinley, SATCS Marty Coddington, Leon
Daugherty (Past Executive Director)

Marty Coddington ---- MSP Tower, Mid 70's

Marty Coddington ---- ORD Tower Early 70's/

Don and Linda Cass visiting Jim and Carol
Fort Pierce, Florida

Jim Holtsclaw #2738

Carol Campbell (our Editor) and Linda Cass #3658

Linda and Don Cass #3701

Don, Jim, Carol and Linda

Who said it doesn't, get cold in Florida. We arrived from our house in Virginia on November 30th. I have been cold ever since. Last Saturday, January 2nd, I celebrated my 78th birthday. with friends, at our favorite fish restaurant in Tierra Verde.

God Bless, Al Benson #2290

Ted and Virginia Beckloff #3558 during the Holiday Season

The Russian K-7 Heavy Bomber
Walt Zittle #2910

Built in Russia during the 1930s, it flew eleven times before crashing and killing fifteen people. The designer, Konstantin Kalinin, wanted to build two more planes but the project was scrapped.

Later, Stalin had Kalinin executed. Evidently, it was not good to fail on an expensive project under Stalin. It's got propellers on the back of the wings, too. You can count twelve engines facing front.

The size would be equivalent to the Empire State Building on its side, with cannons. And you think the 747 was big... This plane not only had a bunch of engines, but check out the cannons the thing was carrying. In the 1930s the Russian army was obsessed by the idea of creating huge planes.

At that time they were proposed to have as many propellers as possible to help carry those huge flying fortresses into the air, jet propulsion had not been implemented yet. Not many photos were saved from those times because of the high secrecy levels of such projects and because a lot of time has already passed. Still, on the attached photos you can see one such plane - a heavy bomber K-7.

"A group of old Air Force buddies gathered recently at Red Turner's house in Boulder City, NV to reminisce about the old times. All were at Castle AFB, CA back in 1951/1952 and all but Shimono and Erxleben are ex CAA/FAA'ers". Kneeling L to R: Ray Cullerton and Roland McNulty Standing L to R: Ed Erxleben, Red Turner, George Shimono and Bob Biava.

Credits to Red Turner #3420

I know it is too late for the annual but I thought it might be nice to put these out to see if anyone recognizes anyone. In the picture with all the "Suits", I am in the exact middle. I stand directly behind the middle man in the front row. Yes, I did have hair at one time. This was the ARTCC class which graduated in December of 1958. We were a mixed group from Boston, Washington, New York and Pittsburgh Centers. I don't think there was anyone from Detroit. (RoyD-1)

This one (USAF 59) is the October 1953 graduating class of Radar Operators School in Biloxi, MS.I know a couple of the names in this picture starting in the top row far left is Bob Warren, he and I worked together in Boston. Second row from the top, third one in from the right is Ernie Price. He and I worked together in the NYCIFR Room. Third row from top at far left is yours truly looking like I just climbed over the border. I recognize some faces but just cannot put a name to the face.

Credits to Roy Dal Lago #3592


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