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2009 Arizona Team Trial Championships

There are a number of categories in Team Time Trials, including Age Group, which this is. It is the combined ages of the team members and also has a minimum age for the team. The full requirement for our group is 250+ with no one under the age of 60. The other three guys are early 60s so they need "the ancient one." to meet the 250 end of it. The timing is taken on the 3rd member crossing the finish line and for state championship the distance is 40K. I think our time was 1:08:41.

Credits to Dick Reynolds #3563

FAA Airway Facility Retirees - Kansas City, MO
Credit to Kermit Karns

Standing Left to Right: Don W. Lowrey, Paul K. Bohr, Larry E. Jones, Earsa Lee Tankesley,
Paul A. Cormaci
Seated Left to Right: Kermit B. Karns #252, Dave Yates

This picture was taken at one of the breakfast meetings held monthly by retirees of the former Joliet Flight Service Station. The group meets monthly at Charlie's Restaurant at Clow International Airport in Bolingbrook IL.

No, I never heard of Clow International Airport either. But when I questioned my Joliet friends (who sent me the picture) about it, they sent me an info sheet. So apparently it is ligit. I think there is a story in there somewhere.

The Joliet FSS, by the way, is my choice for favorite facility for inclusion in the 2009 Annual.

Thanks to Don Steeber #3593

Seated from left to right - first Row: Christine Nizetic, Lois Linder,  Mike Nizetic
Second Row: Floyd (Oscar) Linder, Elayne Rutz, Irv Rutz (since deceased)

Tom and Barb Jones visited the DTW Society group for an small informal dinner on their worldly travels around the United States this summer.

Thanks to Jim Holtsclaw #2738

Bob Ervin (Treasurer) #3517 and Jim Holtsclaw #2738

Tom Jones and Debbie Ervin

Dick and Marlene Wallerstedt #3617, Mel and Barbara White #3616

Mary Jane and Rick Dawson #3535, Walter Wasielewski #3565

Debbie Ervin, Barbara and Tom Jones #2505

Thanks to Bob Earl #3212

"As I recall, Hap **Arnold**, signatory of this directive was a notoriously poor pilot, others would go to considerable lengths to avoid boarding an aircraft that had Henry H. Arnold situated in the left I guess he was using his stick-and-rudder competence level as a unit of measurement!"

Jack Fellows

Tom & Barbara Jones came through Kansas City last Sunday on their way to Michigan and other points. We had a great visit and here is a picture we took on Father's Day.

Ted Beckloff #3558

His'self in the driver's seat of the notorious Spruce Goose

I visited the Evergreen Flight Museum with of a group of about twenty Flying Octogenarians on the 17th of this month. We were extended a number of courtesies by the museum, including a free flight-deck tour of the Spruce Goose for two groups of five people. I was lucky enough to be selected.

We were accompanied by a knowledeable docent who did not rush, but told us to take our time. We probably spent about twenty minutes on the huge flight deck which included seats for about 40 passengers, pilot, co-pilot, two flight engineers, radioman, and navigator.

An interesting thing: I was so awed by the whole thing that I did not focus on anything. For instance; As prominent as the two blue handles to the left of the pilot's seat are, I didn't even notice what they are for.

They took pictures of each of us and presented prints free. The museum also provided a catered lunch for the group.

Bob Eskridge, 3253

David Muller Memorial Luncheon

Marie Muller held a wonderful memorial luncheon on Friday June 5, 2009 at Naples, Florida in tribute to her loving husband David Muller, who passed away just one month ago. Over 40 people attended the luncheon, many of whom paid tribute to Dave by speaking of experiences they shared with him. Dave, as many of you know, was a branch manager in the old Airway Facilities Service and was picked to manage the design and construction of the main building at the FAA Technical Center. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the luncheon and take the pictures shown below. Marie did a great job in pulling together various pictures and mementoes from Dave's life. Click on the icons below to view each of the pictures.











The Detroit Metro/SOAP Mini Reunion
March 6, 7, and 8 in Orlando Florida

Six of our “regulars” (and their wives), Ron and Gloria Tuck, Lonnie and Odette Parrish, Jack and Dorothy Goslin, Floyd and Judy Hedlund, Robert and Debbie Ervin, and Ted and Virginia Beckloff, had hoped to attend, but had unavoidable medical problems. They all said they were looking forward to next year. *Yes, there will be a next year*, since it was unanimous that we get together again the last part of March in 2010. Even with the late cancellations, we had 28 people for dinner on Saturday evening. This was our 5^th year for this fun time and it has been a great place to see old friends and meet new ones. The wives commented, as usual, that they have never seen a bunch of guys with so many happy faces, just re-living old times and talking about the past and future. We hope everyone will push to get friends and former co-workers to join us next year. We will be sending out the date for next year as soon as we can, so that you will be able to mark your calendars and join us for a great time in Orlando in 2010.

 Tom Jones #2505

Ida and Mike Homa

Tom and Barbara Jones

Ed and Ann Malo

Mary Jane, Rick Dawson, Carol Campbell

Tom Jones and Jean Glick

Hank and Connie Anderson

Ed and Ann Malo, John and Suzanne Carey

Rick and Mary Jane Dawson, Carol Campbell

034 Gordon and Cheri Heritage

Joan and Howard McGlauflin

Barbara and Doug Lott

Jim Holtsclaw and Roy Dal Lago Enjoying Daytime Disneyland

Carol and Jim Holtsclaw Enjoying Daytime Disneyland

Roy Dal Lago holding a court hearing

JD Ledbetter discussing the economy

Jim Cook, Ida and Mike Homa, JD Ledbetter

Ed Malo and Hank Anderson

Sue Carey

......Two old ZDC types at Ft. Desoto park near St. Pete, Fla. Paul Petersen #2310 has been visiting me this past week (2/20/09). He is 87 years old and is still spry enough to ride his bike and walk the beaches.

Submitted by Al Benson #2290

Bob Ervin #3517

Bob Ervin our Society Treasurer, at a Jam Session.  They were taken on his 77th Birthday, January 11th.

Bob and Jam Man

Bob Ervin at 77

Bob, Pat and Ron

Old ZDC Pictures
Al Benson #2290

Recently some of us old ZDC people have been sharing some old pictures. I took out some old albums and scanned a few on to my computer. I thought you might be interested at seeing them.

The first three pictures I took at a ZDC supervisors picnic. Probably in the early 70’s.

The whole group.

Front row…Kneeling, Chester Smerdzinski, Rufus Watts, Frank Graves.
Standing…Paul Petersen, Eric Foth, Phil Ceconi.
Rear row…Merril LaCroix, Howard Graham, Joe Doyle ( hat) , George Bartlett.

Frank Graves, Paul Petersen, Eric Foth, Phil Ceconi.

My graduating class at Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma City. 1956.
The class was either the first or second class after the CAA took over facility from the military.
First Row… Gordon Kewer ( Inst.), Dan Enright, Joe Carra, Rex Steward (Inst.), Pat Bonner, Dough Cooper. Last person (unknown). I don't remember his name.

Row 2… Leo Fullard, Joe Doyle, Don Cooper, Bill Brown, Bill Gowers, Bill Finch.
Row 3… BobCoakley, Howard Graham, Al Benson, Bill Morgan (inst.), Dick Daun, Bob bruce, Frank Cadey.
Joe Carra, Joe Doyle, Bill Brown, Al Benson were assigned ZDC, arriving at the facility June

Zdcpic4 Controller class Washing ARTCC. Instructor Al Benson
Students… Taking the ATC problem, Charles ( Chuck) Reavis ( future Chief ZDC ), Joe McKinley on left, Lynn Becker, on Chuck’s right, Al Benson behind Chuck and Don Gregory on Al’s right….This picture was probably in mid 70’s.

Oldest Boeing Airliner in flying condition
Credits to Bob Bartley #2936

This is as it should be - passengers in closed cabin, pilot in open cockpit so he will stay awake. The airplane is in Spokane, WA, and is the oldest flying Boeing in the World.

After 8 years and 8,000 hours of toil the Boeing 40C rolled out last winter as a finished airplane. They had to wait a few weeks for the snow to melt to fly this baby. They received their Standard Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA and completed the engine pre-oil and fuel flow tests for the first of the taxi tests.

Factoids for the Boeing 40 project: 221 gallons of dope/reducer and 120 yards of 102 ceconite fabric 12 gallons of poly urethane paint for the sheet metal. The wings have 33,000 individual parts in them. The airplane weighs 4080 lbs empty, has a gross weight of 6075 lbs. It is 34 ft long and 13 feet tall with a wing span of 44 1/2 feet. Wing loading is 10 lbs per sq ft and power loading is 10 Pounds per HP. It should cruise at 115 mph using 28 GPH, and 32 GPH at 120 mph. It carries 120 gallons of fuel in three tanks.

350 - 2 inch brushes were used to apply 6 gallons of West Systems epoxy, and 181 rolls of paper towels for cleanup.

There were a total of 62 volunteers who worked on the project to some degree. 21 of the volunteers did a significant amount of work, and 9 of the volunteers worked continuously during the 8 year project.



A bunch of us retired Western-Pacific Region friends got together in October for fun and sun in Myrtle Beach. The Morgans (Ron and Sabra) hosted a day at their ranch in Fair Bluff, NC. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed their ranch, horses, their great food, wine, and exceptional hospitality. Later in the week Ron and Sabra invited us all to Barefoot Marina and Yacht Club where they have a condo and took us for a ride on the “Touch and Go." Fun was had by all!

Those of us gathering for this fun friend event were: Ron and Sabra Morgan, Rene Hammond, Jim and Karen Haralson, Stu and Rickie Hayter, Barbara Kish, Jerry and Barbara Lewis, Linda Murray and niece Mary Blum, Eileen Partridge, Don and Doris Roberts, Dave and Ruby Ross, and Lilly Williams.

We found out, while talking with Ron and Sabra, that our old friends Jerry and Mary Ard who retired out of Washington, DC are living in Calabash, NC. They joined us for happy hour at the beach and also a night at the theatre. It sure was great seeing them again!

We have included here pictures taken at the Morgan Ranch, the boat ride and other fun times in Myrtle Beach. We are so thankful that we have such great friends and hope that we can all continue to get together every few years so we can enjoy each others company, have fun, laugh and gather for many more years to come.

Great friends, great joy and great fun – how blessed we are!

Ranch Group - Back Row, left to right: Sabra and Ron Morgan, Eileen Partridge, Don Robert, Jerry and Barbara Lewis, Dave and Ruby Ross and Linda Murray. Front Row, left to right: Barbara Kish, Doris Roberts, Jim Haralson, Rene Hammond, and Lilly Williams

Ruby and Dave Ross and Mary Blum

Eileen Partridge with one of the Morgan's horses

Captain Morgan giving instructions before taking off - Sabra Morgan, Jim Haralson, Doris Roberts and Lilly Williams in background

Dave Ross, Ron Morgan and Stu Hayter

Sabra Morgan, Karen Haralson and Barbara Lewis

Jim Haralson

Eileen Partridge, Ruby Ross and Doris Roberts

Doris and Don Roberts

Eileen Partridge and Lilly Williams

Jerry Lewis, Barbara Kish and Rene Hammond

Karen and Jim Haralson, Linda Murray and Don and Doris Roberts

Linda Murray with Morgan's Yacht in background

Waiting for Sunrise - Standing: Jerry and Barbara Lewis, Karen Haralson, Doris and Don Roberts - Sitting: Ruby Ross, Linda Murray and Eileen Partridge

Boys on the Beach - Jerry Lewis, Stu Hayter and Don Robers

Girls on the Beach - Barbara Lewis, Doris Roberts, Karen Haralson and Rene Hammond

Linda Murray on Motorcycle in front of Hard Rock Cafe

Girlfriend Jacuzzi Fun - Linda Murray, Ruby Ross, Eileen Partridge and Doris Roberts

Rickie Hayter and Ruby Ross after shopping in Calabash, NC

Ron and Sabra Morgan


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