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Great historical pictures at various locations from the family of Air Traffic Control.

Credits to Harry McIntyre #3614

Scan 2 - O'Hare Tower Awards Ceremony 1960-62?

Front Row: Jon Martin, Roger Clinton, Secretary, Russ Kelsey, Bob Myers, Harry McIntyre
Back Row: Paul Schmidt, Hare Awards Bob Joyce, Bob Mischke, Duane Freer, Keith Lindquist, Willie Johnson, John Bowers, Jack Edelman


Great Lakes Region Chief's Conference 1974, Columbus, OH
Front Row: 1 Lloyd Jenson -4 unknown 5 Roger Clinton 6 Unknown 7 Dick Mack 8-10 unknown 11 Joe Bosslet
12 Jack Wubbolding 13 Dan Comerford
Middle Row: 1-8 unknown 9 Dennis Edison  10 Dennis Root 11 Ray Brock 12 Ted Beckloff
13-16 unknown
Back Row: 1 Bob Flowers 2-3 unknown 4 Jim Payne 5 Bob Ervin 6 Jack Koehler
7 Harry McIntyre 8 Ron Spiker 9 Harry Bach 10 Nick Molsen 11-12 unknown 13 Lester Case 13-17 unknown


Great Lakes Region Awards Ceremony 1974-75

Left to Right: Unknown, unknown, John Cyrocki-Director, Bill Yocius, Hugh Doyle, Pat
O'Sullivan, Harry McIntyre, Roger Clinton, unknown, Jack Wubbolding-AT
Division Chief


Level IV-V Terminal Chief Conference about 1977-80

Front Row: unknown, Bob Orr, Bob Beckelman, unknown, Ray Belanger, Bill Flener, Tom
Second Row: unknown, Harry Hubbard, Vince Mellone, Mike (BAL), Jim Wright, unknown,
unknown, unknown
Third Row: Pete (PIT), Lauren (PHX), Billy Commander, unknown, unknown (BOS)
Don Jones, Harry McIntyre, Don Cass, unknown (AT301), Don Kemmerling,
Gene Lawing
Fourth Row: unknown, Glen Tigner, unknown, Les Case, Jim Holweger, Carl Joritz, Lane
Speck, unknown Stu Hayter, unknown, Tom Jones, Pat O'Sullivan


Level IV and V Chief Conference about 1977? San Antonio

Front Row: Dan Bove, Harry McIntyre, Ray Belanger, Jim Wright, unknown, unknown,  Bill Flener, Ray Finnan, Bill (BOS), Mike (BAL), Don Jones
Third Row: Don Kemmerling, unknown (DEN), unknown (PHX), Les Case, Jim Holweger,  Pat O'Sullivan, Jim Hanten, Bob Beckelman


O'Hare Tower/TRACON about 1962

Left to Right: Two controllers standing at West/South departure control - unknown, Standing - Bob Hake Team Supervisor, Warren Weber West Arrival handoff, West Arrival Radar - unknown, East Arrival radar - unknown, East Arrival, Harry McIntyre, East/North departure control, Tony Borden.

"Back then, the Controllers looked better than the equipment/environment!!"


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