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Alaska Region FAA Retiree's Web Site
Bay TRACON History -
Photographs and Historical Information
Aviation Answers Website
Aeronautical Information Website
Professional Women Controllers, Inc.
National Aeronautic Association,, is now  in full operation.
Southern California Aeronautics Association
The Busiest Aviation Hub in Cyberspace

Chicago ARTCC Retiree's Web Site
National Association of Retired Federal Employees
NARFE California State Federation of Chapters Website
Southern Region FAA Retiree's Web Site 
Air Force Communicators & Air Traffic Controllers Association
MATCA Marine Air Traffic Control Association
Chicago Retirees Web Site:

LaGuardia Tower Exhibit Credit Sid Wugalter
Air Museum Wright-Patterson AFB

Moving the A-12, SR-71 Blackbird, Bob Bartley #2936
A true plethora of American Wartime Aviation Information
Credits to George Rogers #3829

An ESSENTIAL collection for all students, and professors, of America’s wartime aviation history. For all of my aviation-minded family and friends. An awesome collection. Enjoy, learn and be sure to share with those interested folks whom you know. Aviation & WW I & WW II & Beyond (Unclassified) Reference Library.

Probably the best record of American Aviation ever put together. You can spend a year in this, but pick out some that you have known to be great and go from there.

       Aviation                                               Pioneers

       World                                               War I Aces

       Hall                                               of Fame of the Air

       WW2                                               European Theater (ETO)

       WW2                                               Pacific Theater (PTO)

       WW2                                               US Marine Corps

       WW2                                               US Navy Aces

       WW2                                               Mediterranean (MTO)

       WW2                                               German Aces

       Korean                                               War Aces

       Russian                                               Aces

       Vietnam                                               Era Aces


       World                                               War I Planes

       1930s                                               Aircraft photos

       WW2                                               Fighters

       WW2                                               Bombers

       WW2                                               German Planes

       WW2                                               Airplane Pictures

       History                                               of Airplanes blog

       Nose                                               Art

       Postwar                                               Jets

       World                                             War Two

       WW2                                               Facts and Firsts

       WW2                                               Medals

       WW2                                               Museums

       WW2                                               Pictures

       WW2                                               Ships

       WW2                                           Weapons


For Aircraft and History Buffs---MILITARY TREASURE TROVE!
Ron Simmons #3820

. Aviation Pioneers

. World War I Aces

. Hall of Fame of the Air

. WW2 European Theater (ETO)

. WW2 Pacific Theater (PTO)

. WW2 US Marine Corps

. WW2 US Navy Aces

. WW2 Mediterranean (MTO)

. WW2 German Aces

. Korean War Aces

. Russian Aces

. Vietnam Era Aces

. Airplanes

. World War I Planes

. 1930s Aircraft photos

. WW2 Fighters

. WW2 Bombers

. WW2 German Planes

. WW2 Airplane Pictures

. History of Airplanes blog

. Nose Art

. Postwar Jets

. World War Two

. WW2 Facts and Firsts

. WW2 Medals

. WW2 Museums

. WW2 Pictures

. WW2 Ships

*WW2 Weapons


Old Aviation Videos
Credits Bob Ervin #3517

This link is a treasure and a keeper for all those out there who are aviation fans. Just keep it on your computer. When you want to view another video, click on it. It's a super reference link that will keep you entertained for hours.


This link is to an organization trying to maintain the heritage of Pan American. 
Very interesting for you history buffs.


A website that features images of Mohawk & Robinson Airlines. Credits to Leonard Moss #3209:

Zeppelin Eureka Photo's, credits to Ron Johnson #3002:

This page is dedicated to the history of the FAA Flight Service Station and contains various articles on the history of Air Traffic Service and aviation.

This page will tell you what flying is all about.

Ever wonder what the cockpit looks like? Click on the plane and it will show you the cockpit...

How about a look at some really rare aircraft

Virtual Aircraft Museum: For aircraft buffs, this is a keeper. This is the most comprehensive collection of aircraft info that I have ever seen. Want to check out almost any airplane ever built in the World? Old, new, military, civilian? Browse this site for a few minutes. You will be amazed at what has been done in airplane design. The amount of info available is unbelievable.  Credits to Warren Lichtenberg #3161

Air Traffic Control Alumni
Amazing Aviation Photo -
NARFE Arizona Federation Website
Office of Personnel Management
Social Security Administration
Veterans Administration

Is It True or Not
FAA Web Site
Aviation Magazine and News Service
The Spruce Goose Website

Flight History Website
Is it fact or fiction
Pine Mountain Lake Aviation Association

CIA: The World Factbook

"The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. Our Reference tab includes: maps of the major world regions, as well as Flags of the World, a Physical Map of the World, a Political Map of the World, a World Oceans map, and a Standard Time Zones of the World map."

A wealth of useful financial information for retirees is available on the Internet, from retirement planning to tax information.  To sort through that vast variety of information, the following list of Web sites may be particularly useful for retirees.

American Stroke Association 
Every 45 seconds, someone in America has a stroke. About 700,000 Americans will have a stroke this year. Stroke is our nation's No. 3 killer and a leading cause of severe, long-term disability. But we're fighting back. This site provides information for both the professional and the layperson about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of stroke.

Social Security Administration ( One of the newest features on this site is a series of retirement calculators that allow workers to estimate their Social Security benefits at age 62, at full retirement and at age 70.

The site also, provides useful information on Social Security, disability and survivor benefits; tax changes that affect Social Security beneficiaries; and Medicare, including how to apply, for a replacement Medicare card.

And you can subscribe to an e-mail newsletter that updates you on changes affecting Social Security beneficiaries. Also check out the links to other government agencies and related sites.

Administration on Aging ( This federal government site provides information designed for older Americans and their families, including topics such as long term care, elder abuse and health care. The site is crammed with links to other sites.

ElderNet ( This site is a senior's guide to health, housing, legal, financial, retirement, lifestyles, news and entertainment.
Especially useful is the Medicare Intermediary-Carrier Directory, which shows state-by-state the various carriers contracted by HCFA to administer Part A of Medicare, Part B, home health care, durable medical equipment and so on.  The information includes address, phone number and Web addresses for the intermediary.

  • Smart Money ( This site has several excellent sections. Particularly noteworthy for retirees are sections covering every type of individual retirement account; 401(k) strategies, asset allocation worksheets, and best funds; and retirement strategies including a calculator to help you determine how much money you need for retirement and distribution issues.

  • Roth IRA ( A site devoted to technical and planning information on Roth IRAs.

  • Internal Revenue Service ( This site includes current and past tax forms, publications and tax information for individuals and businesses. A newsstand updates taxpayers on the latest at the IRS that might affect them.

  • Tax Prophet ( This site covers what's new in the tax world, provides tax classes, a frequently asked questions section (FAQ), and of special interest to retirees, a section on common tax and trust scams. It also provides links to many other Web sites, not all tax related .

  • American Bar Association ( The ABA's tax site links to federal and state tax court cases, the federal tax code and regulations, every state's department of revenue and numerous other tax-related Web sites.

  • AARP ( You can subscribe to an e-mail newsletter with stories that affect you, and the site includes a wealth of information on issues that affect retirees such as computers, finances, technology and health.

  • WidowNet ( This site provides information and self-help resources for widows and widowers. Financial information includes death benefits, financial rules for widows, being an executor, funerals, telemarketing fraud and stretching your dollar.

  • Alzheimer's Association ( Besides information on the health aspects of Alzheimer's disease, the site provides information about how to get financial assistance or benefits for someone suffering from Alzheimer's.

  • College for Financial Planning ( The site provides a variety of information for retirees, including past articles by The Associated Press on such topics as estate planning, retirement and insurance (Click on News/Consumer Information).

  • A website for General Motors retirees to use for communication with each other.

Here is the directory to end all directories, aviationwise.
Credits to Ron Johnston #3002

For Flyers of Air Planes:
Abandoned & Little Known Airfields
A very interesting historical resource
Ack Ack Designs
 Nose art, painted jackets
Air Traffic Control feeds
 from around world
Airways Gifts
Bob's Aircraft Documentation
Pappy Boyington Field
Sky Vector
 Handy Aerial Map Site
Rosemary Dery
 Leather Artist
U.S. Cockpits
 lots of various cockpit pictures
Veterans Airlift CommandFlying
 wounded vets and their families free of charge.
Wings 4 Aviators
 - Custom Embroidery
Wings Aviation Services
 - St.Paul, MN

 - Wings of the North -
 Prairie ,   MN
CAF Airsho
 -   Midland ,  TX
Central Texas Air Show - Temple ,  TX
Indianapolis Air Show -  Indianapolis ,  IN
New Richmond Air Show - N. Richmond ,  WI
Miramar -   San Diego ,  CA
Sun'N Fun Fly-in   Lakeland ,  FL
Thunder Over Michigan -  Detroit ,  MI
Wings Over Houston - Houston ,  TX

Museums and Organizations
Aerospace Museum of California
American Airpower Museum
 Airpower Heritage Museum
American Wings Museum
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
 Leatherneck Aviation Museum
Frontiers of Flight Museum
Golden Wings Museum
Great War Flying Museum
Historical Aircraft Group Museum
Lone Star Flight Museum
P-38 National Association and Museum
Pacific Coast Air Museum
Pacific A viation Museum
Palm Springs Air Museum
Pima Air & Space Museum
Planes of Fame Air Museum
Pratt Army Air Field History Center
Richard I. Bong WWII Heritage Center
San Diego Air & Space Museum
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
 Aircraft Heritage Foundation
Warbird Heritage Foundation
War Eagles Air Museum
Wings of the North
Yankee Air Museum
Flying Videos
P-47 WWII Film
P-47 Training Film

 and Performers
American Aerobatics
B-25 Pacific Prowler
Duggy the DC-3
Howard 500
John Klatt Airshows
T-6 Thunder


Aviation News
Twin & Turbine
Warbird Digest

3rd Pursuit Squadron
Alaska Wing
Arizona Wing
B-25 Miss Mitchell
B-29/B-24 Squadron
Devil Dog Squadron
Dixie Wing
Duluth Detachment
Great Plains Wing
High Sky Wing
Jayhawk Wing
Minnesota Wing
P-40 Warhawk
Rio Grande Valley Wing
Red Tail Project
Rocky Mountain Wing
Southern California Wing
Tora Tora Tora
 B-58 Hustler
Fly A Warbird - SNJ
International Birddog Assoc.
Pilot Class 43D
Pilot Class 55 India

Warbirds EAA
Wreck Hunters
Z Square 7, B-29 Story

360 degree view of A380 Cockpit

Glue-It, Modeler's Photo Reference
Fire Boss
Flightline Airshow


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