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FAA Retiree Luncheon 2012
SeaTac Luncheons 2012
FAA Luncheon 2012 From bob Anolin
DTW/SOAP Reunion 2012

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ZDC Retirees Luncheon
Credits to Al Benson #2290

Today the ZDC retirees met for their monthly luncheon at Shenanigans.
The first picture is of Jack Roth on the left and John Summers. John entered CAA/FAA around 1946.

He was for two years in a Flight Service Station . He came to ZDC in 1948 . Sometime in the early seventies, he was a Watch Supervisor at ZDC, but decided to transferred to the Area Office in Falls Church. He was the Operations Officer. When they did away with the area office, he went to Central Flow. John retired around 1979.

I would say John was the oldest former ZDC member, that may be still living in the area.

Bethesda Luncheon 2012
Credits to Warren Lichtenberg #3161

Warren Lichtenberg, Larry Langweil, Art Fineberg, Larry Williams, Brooks Goldman, Joe Del Balzo

Murray Boris, Vick Foose, Jerry Bradley, -----

Jerry Lavey, Gary Skillicorn, -----

Teena Phillips , Ed Kelly, Dave Lantzy

------, Marlene Thomas, Teena Phillips

John Horrocks, -----, John Nigro

John Nigro, Jerry Trainor, Jorge Lugo

Al Thomas, Mike Zywokarte, Dres Zellweger

Brooks Goldman, Joe Del Balzo

Larry Langweil, Art Fineberg, Larry Williams, Brooks Goldman

Al Thomas, Mike Zywokarte, Dres Zellweger, John Horrocks

----, Murray Boris, Vick Foose

Harry Smetana, George Quinn, Frank Carr

Marlene Thomas, Teena Phillips, Ed Kelly, Dave Lantzy, Jerry Lavey

Dres Zellweger, John Nigro, Jerry Trainor, Jorge Lugo, Barbara Kenafake, Al Thomas, Mike Zywokarte

Marlene Thomas, Teena Phillips

Thought you would enjoy pictures of our recent trip to Boston, with our friends from England, Peter Sylvia Clark. We stayed at the Newbury Guest House on Newbury Street. Pictures are of the guest house, the four of us at a park near Charles River. The old Iron Sides, Constitution. Bunker Hill monument, Warren Tavern, the oldest tavern in USA. ( 1780 ). Revere, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington frequented the tavern. North Church, where Paul Revere started his ride. Picture of cobble stone street. The area in pre-revolution was under water and was filled in and it's now called back bay area of Boston. Picture of MIT and Charles river, Large administrative building at Harvard, George Washington Head Quarters. Ralph Waldo Emerson's house. Concord, Ma. Cemetery where the patriots were buried in Concord, Ma. North Bridge, where the first shots occurred in revolutionary war. Concord, Ma. Atlantic Fish restaurant, where we ate on last evening of our stay in Boston. Boston at night. Newbury street taken from our room. Old South Church. Trinity Church. John Stapleton Copley statue, Copley Square.

Al Benson #2290

I attended a Basic Military Training graduation at Lackland last week. class="style14"> On August 23 I stopped at Tucson, en route First Aero Squadron Aerodrome, Columbus, NM to Riverside, CA (FlaBob Airport) for lunch with Colonel Bill Lafferty, USAF Retired. The very last of the B-36 drivers. Bill was in on the Berlin Airlift on the first night too ... they lifted the daylight only restriction and ordered him to fly the corridor at night on that opening of festivities ... The USAF's first cold-war victory.

Bill insisted that we dine at Hooters so we could meet Ashley. Barry and I reluctantly agreed to do so.

Credits to Jim Davis #3622

Che Guevara Memorial in Santa Clara, Cuba February 2012

Charlie Newpol #2209 and Warren Lichtenberg #3161 standing in front of the Che Guevara Memorial in Santa Clara, Cuba February 2012.

Cruisin’ with Family
Jim Holtsclaw #2738

In February 2012, Carol and I gathered family (grown children and grandchildren, 14 in all) and embarked on an adventure leaving from Port Canaveral Florida aboard Carnival Ecstasy for a five day cruise with stops in Key West, Nassau, and Freeport.

Apart from a few members experiencing mild seasickness, two days of rain and daughter-in-law falling on wet deck (outcome….broken shoulder) a fun time was had by all!!!!

Our ship

Jim enjoying refreshments on board with family members

Fun in the hot tub in Key West during record setting 4-1/2" of rain

Some of the family at dinner

Jim and Carol

Local guide on beach in Nassau

Youngest grandson trying to embrace an aquarium resident at the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island

Restaurant on Freeport Beach

What's a road cyclist do on an off day?
 Now I know where the expression "my ass is draggin'" comes from.
Dick Reynolds #3563

Birthday Party for Rosie Hunt

The occasion was the birthday party for Rosie Hunt who turned 95 on Jan 10, the day before I turned 80! Held at the Oakland County Boat Club in Sylvan Lake, Mi. We played 4 hours for pizza and beer, our usual pay!

Credits Bob Ervin #3517

Gene Vale, turned 90 last summer, WWII bomber pilot; Betty Fornier, 85; Standing, Pat McCarroll, keyboard; Eddie Joseph, with hat, drums. These two guys are both early 60's and still working. And the Society Treasurer Bob Ervin.

Photos taken at the Village Inn, Grand Junction CO, 8/17/11 by Ed Marvin #2452

 L-R Jim Wilds, Ray Gauna (NWS), Gary Chancy (NWS), George Wong, Mel Southam (across from Wong), Virgil Bearidge, Ray Drake, Ed Marvin

L-R Mel Southam (being seated), Virgil Bearidge, Ray Drake, Ed Marvin

Gini Bright

L-R Jim Wilds, Ray Gauna (NWS) Gary Chancy (NWS), George Wong

Following photo taken by Ed Marvin #2452 at Sea Ranch South Padre Island TX

L-R Ed Marvin, Isabel Marvin, LeRoy Lawson, Joan Lawson

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