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South Florida Luncheon 2007


Your 2007 memories.



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Our very own Treasurer, Bob Ervin #3517,
after giving a talk on his ATC Career with the FAA

On the right is Bill Bertakis, the President of the Keego Harbor Optimist Club.

Just Returned from an F-106 Ride to Remember
March 17, 1964

Beginning with lower left and going counterclockwise: Arvin Basnight, Jim Strnad, "Spike" Speiselman, unknown, Don Willis, Dave Thomas, Bill Cramer, Lee Warren, Oscar Bakke, Maurice Graddo, unknown, Red Chandler, Harry Collignon (Boston Center), Frank Heller (Boston Tower), Ed Barrow, Tom Rasberry, Joe Regan, unknown, unknown, unknown, Jim Holtsclaw

Note:  If anyone can identify the unknown team members, please let us know.

11th Annual Bremerton, WA, Blackberry Festival Fly-In
Credits to Bob E. (#3253)

Bob Eskridge's (#3253) birthday cake was presented at the Eleventh Annual Bremerton Blackberry Festival Fly-In. The Pilot's and Tenant's Association of the airport, of which I am a member, co-sponsors the event with the Port of Bremerton, operator's of the airport. The Fly-In coincides with the Blackberry Festival in the city of Bremerton. Shuttle buses transport folks to and from downtown so the people flying in can partake of the festivities downtown which makes it a real family affair. The local EAA chapter sponsors a Young Eagles day at the same time which is quite a draw, also. Typically, they fly around a hundred and twenty or so kids.

Surprisingly, I've had to explain, on more than one occasion, that the 701,265 hours depicted on the cake is the equivalent of 80 years; That'll be my age on my birthday. Just last month, my medical was renewed for two years and my driver's license for five years. Life is good!


Photos taken of this years Fly-In by our Official Club Photographer Pat Schafer.

Bill Vitale #3690

I believe this photograph of nine FAA Administrators is the only time this many former Administrators gathered together for a photograph. It appears that Engen at some point in his time at FAA {1984-1987} called in all of the former Administrators for a meeting and had a photograph taken to record the event.

I had the pleasure of knowing seven of the nine during my time at the FAA. I knew Halaby when we both worked at the Pentagon in Secretary of Defense Forrestal's office. Halaby is the person who counseled me about going to law school. I was working as an Air Force Aide to Mr. Forrestal and Halaby was working in the International Office. This was during the 1948-1949 time period.

In the case of McKee, I came to the FAA from NASA with McKee. Quesada came to visit McKee many times and I often was able to talk with him. Also, while Dave Thomas was acting Administrator, Quesada flew with us on N-3 to Cape Kennedy to watch one of the Apollo space shots.

Shaffer asked me to remain on the job and help him. This resulted in my being in the Administrator's office for almost eight years. I requested the move to Airports as the Deputy to Clyde Pace and a year later Butterfield promoted me to the Director's job. This was before fast Fredie talked Butterfield into moving Airports to the Office of Plans. The move never took place. McLucas was a bit of a problem. He objected to the 85 million dollars we granted to the airport at St. Thomas and was negative about the two surplus former military airports I saved in Kansas. Bond was good. He game me the complete authority to approve all airports grants regardless of the dollar amount.

The certificate on the wall in back of Langhorne M. Bond and Najeeb E. Halaby, is from the National Aviation Club and has Engen's name on it.

Left to Right - FAA Administrators, Donald D. Engen, J.Lynn Helms, Alexander P. Butterfield, John McLucas, Elwood R. (Pete) Quesada, John H. Shaffer, Langhorne M. Bond, Najeeb E. Halaby. Seated - William F. McKee


Sabra Kaulia #3652 and Ron Morgan #3703 were married on June 24, 2007 in North Myrtle Beach, SC, on their boat at the Barefoot Marina and Yacht Club. "Yes, we are very happy!!! Life has many curves, some of them are terrific! We have just returned from the second part of our honeymoon - fishing in Alaska. It was great, Ron caught a 56 pound King Salmon, and we got lots of Halibut too. So, finally I have been able to do some picture scanning, and attached are a couple of pictures from the wedding. And yes, the name change is occurring, so it is Sabra Morgan now!!! "

Ted and Virginia Beckloff #3558
Enjoying a dinner boat ride on the Great Salt Lake early in June.

Surprise 75th Birthday Party,
 April 21st for Jack Goslin #3645

Photo's by Bob Ervin #3517


Dick Sova, Hank Anderson, Ed Kuczajda, Jack Goslin, Rick Dawson, Bob Ervin

Dick Sova, Hank Anderson

Colleen Goslin (Creator of the Surprise Party)

Jack and his daughter Colleen

A very thoughtful idea by Jack's daughter

Jeff (Jack's son), Jack, and Colleen

Don Bob's (Roberts) #3394,  75th Birthday Party. March 10, 2007
Photographs provided by  Jimmie Haralson #3595

Bob Brekke, Chuck Warner, Frank Jones

Chuck Warner, Betty & Max Hackett

Dave Ross, June & Ken Krohn

Don Roberts, Ellie Russel, Doug LaPage

Betty Nolan, Shirley Henshaw, Bob Nolan

Bev Panter, Don Roberts

Frank Jones, Bill Henshaw

Frank Jones, Ruby & Dave Ross, Jim Panter

Frank Jones, Doug LaPage

Ken Krohn, Jimmie Haralson

Don and Doris Roberts

Ellie Brekke, Bev Panter, Jim Pante

Linda Murray, Eileen Partridge, Ruby Ross, Bev Panter, Jackie Jones, Shirley Henshaw

Max Hackett, Jim "Bird" Partridge

Max Hackett, Linda Murray, Shirley Henshaw, Jim "Bird" Partridge, Bev & Jim Panter

Jim Panter, Betty & Max Hackett, Jim "Bird" Partridge

Ken Krohn, Judy & Fred Kelly

Linda Murray, Jim "Bird" Partridge

Shirley Henshaw, Betty Nolan

Shirley Henshaw, Betty Nolan

Chuck Warner, Jim "Red" Turner

Pat Faux, Max Hackett

Ruby Ross, Jim Panter, Bev Panter, Bob Smith

Great Lakes Region reunion

The biennial Great Lakes Region reunion was held in Venice, FL on February 7th and 8th. Bob and Norma Sluyter made the arrangements with an assist from Tom and Cathy Cummings. Everything was great and we all enjoyed the get together as always. It is amazing that no one changes or ages in two years. The turnout was a little smaller than usual, but what we lacked in quantity etc. etc. etc.. Maybe the younger ones don't like to travel so much these days.

There were two decisions made while we were there: 1) Ted Carroll should write a book. 2) Jacque Burdette will host the next reunion. (You see what happens Jacque when you don't show up.)

Now, according to my recollections, which aren't too darned good, this was our 8th reunion since we started in 1991. We skipped the one that Don Beeson hosted, mostly because somebody flew a couple of airplanes into buildings. Don should be given another chance.

All of the pictures were taken by Farrell Smith.

Tom Cummings

Luanna Beeson

Don Beeson & Ted Carroll

Bob Flower

Bruce Hiles

Faye Carroll and Luanna Beeson

Bob Sluyter

Rosa Hiles

Don Beeson

Farrell and Mickey Smith

Back row, Joan Flower, Faye Carroll and Cathy Cummings
Front row, Rosa Hiles, Mickey Smith and Luanna Beeson

Back row, Ted Carroll, Don Beeson, Tom Cummings and Farrell Smith
Front row, Bob Flower, Bruce Hiles and Bob Sluyter

Cathy Cummings

Faye and Ted Carroll

The Sorta-reunion 3/01/07
Guess I should have had someone else take the picture so I'd have been in it.
Bob Bishop #3290

L-R Ron Johnston, Hank Barbachano, Curt Renville, Lee Jones, Joe Pidd and Bill Garber

Deb and Bob Ervin #3517 (Society Treasurer) in attendance at a recent Saint Andrews Society Robert Burns dinner in Southeastern Michigan. Deb's sash and Bob's tie are their clan tartan, "Ancient Irvine." Along with a cumber bun, this tie and a dark suit, are considered appropriate Scottish evening wear. For formal wear use a tux. This is for guys who don't want to wear a kilt. At 5 below zero, I'll take the suit, thank you very much!

We played at the St. Andrews Society last night as background music while the members packed boxes for the servicemen and women in Iraq.

This is an effort that is spearheaded by the Vietnam Vets Association and a couple of those guys were there to show us how to properly pack these care packages. The members packed 74 boxes, of donated goods, in a little over an hour.

In addition, our musical group Raggle Taggle donated two of their recently acquired T shirts for a 50/50 raffle that netted $165.00 to be used to purchase phone cards for the servicemen overseas.


Poncho and Dick Reynolds #3563 on a rainy day
 talking about "the older you get, the better you were."

"The 2007 DTW Controllers/Society Of Airway Pioneers Reunion was enjoyed by all who attended in Orlando, FL. If your ears were burning on January 19 & 20, it is because we were talking about you. You know how it is when former ATC types get together. Lots of memories were renewed and opinions expressed. We remembered having a great time at the annual corn roast at Floyd and Judy Hedlund's house; Lonnie and Odette Parrish shared their experience with selling their Virginia home and buying a new home in Florida; Eddie and Ann Malo telling us about historic preservation efforts they are involved with; and many other events that seemed to come up. Each year we have someone new show up and it is always fun to hear where they have been and where they are now.

As in the past, we want to thank Tom and Barbara Jones for arranging everything. We look forward to our next reunion."

Ted Beckloff and Tom Jones

Debbie Ervin and Susanne Carey

Ed Malo and Bob Ervin

Floyd Hedlund, Ted Beckloff and Tom Jones

Lonnie and Odette Parrish

Mary Jane Dawson and Barbara Lott

Floyd Hedlund, John Carey, Ron Tuck and Hank Anderson

Bob Ervin, Ed Malo and Lonnie Parrish

Judy Hedlund, Ann Malo, Odette Parrish and Gloria Tuck

Doug Lott and Rick Dawson

Ann Malo and Odette Parrish

Floyd and Judy Hedlund

Ed and Ann Malo

Linda Cass and Tom Jones

Tom and Barbara Jones (our Hosts)

Virginia Beckloff, Judy Hedlund, Barbara Lott and Debbie Ervin

The Ladies !

The Guys !

Hank and Connie Anderson

Linda and Don Cass

John and Susanne Carey

Ron and Gloria Tuck

Ron Tuck and Debbie Ervin

Odette and Lonnie Parrish

Doug and Barbara Lott

Our Society Co-Editors, Rick and MJ Dawson

Debbie and Bob Ervin

Our Hero



Society of Airway Pioneers
Robert "Bob" Long, Executive Director
Ron Cowles, Webmaster