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Carlsbad Gathering
Credits to OD and Ruby Ross #3541

We had a small FAA gathering in Carlsbad, CA on November 1, 2013. No particular reason, just a gathering of old FAA Western Region friends. It was great seeing everyone and “catching” up. Our gathering consisted of retired Air Traffic, Airway Facilities, Flight Standards, Logistics, Accounting and Budget. Over the years Ruby prides herself in the fact that she worked in Air Traffic, Airway Facilities, Airports and Logistics.

Seated L-R is Linda Murray and Ruby Ross. Standing L-R is Joann Harvey, Eileen Partridge, Don Roberts, Doris Roberts and Bill Henshaw.

Dave Ross and Aleta Lee

Ruby Ross, Doris Roberts and Eileen Roberts.

Bill Henshaw and Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts, Ruby Ross, Linda Murray and Betty Nolan

Nina Nance and Betty Nolan

Eileen Partridge and Joann Harvey

Ray and Judy Silvestri

Don Roberts and Aleta Lee

Aleta Lee and Linda Murray


Credits to Jim Brown #3220

Tim Cunningham #3807, Jim and Dorren Brown #3220 , Carol Cunningham

Doreen and Carol at the monument to the nurses in war. Doreen and Carol are both retired nurses here in SD, they were the only women veterans on the flight.

Then we are with the ten foot tall Air Force statues.

The US Airways decorated plane for the flight home

Carol and Tim Cunningham

Jim and Doreen Brown

The terminal at Lindbergh Field, packed with service personnel, girl scouts, boy scouts, school children and many adults there to welcome us.

Special Greeter, the “Swinging Friar” from the SD Padres.
In addition to the memorials shown, we visited he Marine monument, the AF monument, Viet Nam and Korea monuments, Arlington cemetery and the DC Naval Yard Museum

ZDC 50th Anniversary, credits to Al Benson #2290 and Ken
Peppard #3574

There were a total of 365 people at the 50th anniversary. The picture of the group of 33 people that were at the center in 1963, was especially nice. It was nice seeing everyone , plus the tour of the center. Bob Desmond mentioned how nice the personnel in the center, treated the people on tour. I would agree with Bob on that impression. I retired 30 years ago from the center and the change within the center was amazing. I also couldn’t believe the change in Leesburg itself. The traffic; wow. Al

Sue & Joe Haubenstein, Paul Petersen, Sam Mancari, Tom Pesnicak, John Dwyer, Dennis Callaghan, Al Benson (taken in the lobby ... Marlene can be seen in the background at the front desk)

Paul Petersen, Marlene & Al Benson

Paul Petersen, Al Benson, Ken Peppard

ZDC 50th Anniversary original 1963 Leesburg staffers

Coast TRACON and Others Reunion

Credits to James Holtsclaw #2738

Coast TRACON and Others Reunion. Las Vegas, Nevada, September 20th and 21st. Hosted by Jim Burgan #3873, with Photo Credits to Valerie Burgan. Thanks Jim and Valerie for your professional and successful efforts. Dinner the first night was at The Bootlegger Bistro. The following day everyone enjoyed lunch at the Southpointe Hotel, Casino and Spa. A great time was had by all.

These are the attendees of the conference: Mr/Mrs Jim 'Red' Turner, Mr/Mrs Ralph Odenwald, Mr Larry Suppan, Mr/Mrs Ron Krebs, Mr. Raphel 'MX' Duran, Mr/Mrs Mike Desrosiers, Mr Ted Bernez, Mr Charlie Register, Mr/Mrs Jim Nyhus,Mr Tony Rivas, Mr Jim Miller, Mr/Mrs Irv Vodovoz, Mr/Mrs Kelly Polen, Mrs Bev Panter, Mrs Linda Miller,Mr/Mrs Jim Burgan, Mr John McCartney, Mr Jim Adair,
Mr/Mrs Maryann Picchi

 Jim Burgan, Rafael "MX" Duran

Jim Holtsclaw, Larry Suppan, Jim (Red) Turner, Ralph Oldenwahl

FAA Golf Tourney in May 2013

Credits to Linda Murray #3825

Western Region Gang - Taken at Eileen Partridges' House May 2013 after the FAA Golf Tourney in Mesquite, NV

From Left to Right: Don & Doris Roberts - Lake Forest, CA
June & Ken Krohn - Boulder City, NV
Eileen Partridge (Jim) - Las Vegas, NV
Linda Murray (William) - Las Vegas, NV
Bev Panter (Jim) - Las Vegas, NV
Back Row:Gerry & Jim Turner - Boulder City, NV
Front Row: Jackie & Frank Jones, Sun City, AZ

2013 DTW/SOAP Reunion 6/25 and 6/26/2013

This was our third annual reunion in Michigan and was successfully
attended by 25 DTW and Society members. Two days of war stories and lies,
enjoying archived DTW pictures, reviewing FAA orders and work schedules from years ago, and remembering old addresses where some of the attendees actually still live reside!

The event was capped off by a dinner on the last evening. A personal friend, Bill Bertakis, from Intel Bill Photography gratiously provided everyone with individual photos and a group picture. As the photos reveal, everyone enjoyed the event and we look forward to additional DTW/Society members joining us
next year.

Don and Virginia Muncy (Flowers flown in from Hawaii, their gift to the reunion group)

Archived Material from DTW

A combined 2,162,429 years of seniority

Artiste's extrordinares Bob Ervin and Brian Newsom

Richard Wallerstedt, Bob Ervin, Doug Lott, Hank Andersen
(Standing) Roy Dal Lago, Tom Jones

Ron Spiker, Ron Tuck

Don Moore, Jim Holtsclaw, Richard Wallerstedt

Barbara and Mel White

Click to see full size Picture : The entire group

Kansas City Retiree's July 5, 2013

Credits to Ted Beckloff #3558

The Kansas City FAA Retirees met on 7-5-2013. While the holiday
found a lot of people out of town or at the lake, we still had a nice
gathering and did some remembering of the old days.

FAA AWP Retirees Luncheon, January 2013
Photos by Rob Strong, credits to Warren Lichtenberg #3161

Geri Oda, Alice Kimura, Larry Centeno, Ruben Cabalbag, Barry Brayer

Unknown, Dick Fossier, Pam Fossier, Geoff Palenik, Dick Wittry, Jack Kenton

Nick Boyiazis, Don Lingren, Joan Lingren, Charla Martinez, Mickey Martinez, Unknown, Barry Simmons

Mal Coghlan, Greg Bachmann, Diana Bachmann, Sheree Geil, Rory Geil, Unknown

Ed Felipe, Rawil Ismagil, Alan Chew, Susan Chew, Christine Ismagil

Wayne Lynch, Ron Fandick, Fred Wild, Rowena Ake, Donna Nielsen, Dick Nielsen, Eileen Rivera

Herman Bliss, Lloyd Golden, Jim Holweger, Robin Rush, John Clancy, Bill Henshaw, Rob Strong

New Orleans Lakefront Airport (KNEW)
My Grand Son and I visited the place of one of my favorite CAA assignments.
Jim Davis #3622

Grandson Jacob with Widgeon in hanger at Hammond, LA
Hopefully it will be restored. During Katrina it floated to the ceiling of the hanger at KNEW, the engines were undamaged. I remember this airplane and one of it's pilots from my time at New Orleans 1958 through 1961.

My old stomping ground (KNEW); I learned to fly here.
The New Orleans ARTCC (ZNO) was behind the windows on the right. We watched "ECHO" orbit from the control tower.

Ceiling in terminal at KNEW -- Art Deco by the WPA
Was damaged during Katrina and is being restored, notice the covered Art Deco mural in the lower left. The entrance to the International Flight Service Station is through the double doors at the center (New Orleans Radio -- IFSS). The two doors on the right are entrances to the New Orleans Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZNO). Both facilities were closesd a long time ago. Below the Chandelier is an Art Deco Compass Rose inlaid in the floor a masterpiece not shown.

In 1958 I watched a few minutes of Johnny Unitas and Y.A. Tittle's famous "Duel in the Snow" from a booth just inside this window.
ARTCC Controllers regularly swiped a bottle of booze from "Nick's Place,"
he knew we were going to do it on special occasions, it was a game we always won.
Same booth in 1960, same seafood gumbo with Pilot and Passenger booth behind me -- all were irate. Moisants (MSY) radar failure forced the LF Radio Range approach into KNEW, one every ten minutes, they chartered a Piper Apache from Chicago to see the Sugar Bowl. They watched the last five minutes on TV with Nick, they were held at Midlake VHF Intersection for most of the game. All said bad things about me , I didn't identify myself,  Nick also owned the nearby Walnut Room -- all now being restored.

WPA Art Deco Statues at KNEW Terminal (1935-1936) Damage was from Katrina.
Steve Roszel, now living in Virginia, dated the young lady that posed for this nude. He owned Panair Corporation and flew seaplanes including the Widgeon shown above.

Are Ones's Salad Days worth remembering? I think so!
SEA-T Old Timers Spring Lunch

Photo's by Art Vail
Credits to Jerry Johnson #3582

Here is a photo I took of Frank (Honus) Jones in Mesquite, NV and an FAA golf tournament put on by Fred Kelly. They tell me Frank is 80 years old, and he still has a hand shake that could take you to your knees.

Credits to Forney Lundy #2683

April was a bad month for the Seattle Center retired controllers. Stan LaRue #3775, Bill ?Gowers #2912, and John Wasner (non-member) all passed away (see Last Flights listing). Here are several pictures taken of these gentlemen and others over the past few years.

Credits to Jerry Aldridge #3719

Jo Jack Jeanerette, Bill Jordau, Sam Gowers, ?, Jerry Aldridge

Cy Perkins, Stan LaRue

Bill "Sam" Gowers, Stan LaRue, Melanie Jordau, Stans daughter and President of Aviation Liason Service at Paine Field

Jerry Aldridge, Stan LaRue and Bill "Sam" Gowers

Stan LaRue

Lance Miller, Ron Cross, Melanie Jordau, John Wasmer, Stan LaRue

Stan LaRue, Jerry Aldridge. WW Smith and Lance Miller in background

Jack Kastien former Air Traffic Controller and retired Northwest Airline Captain, getting Stan LaRue ready for a flight.
Taken at the AF/SM Retired Managers Get-Together 5/5 to 5/12/1992. The photos were discovered recently in an envelope from the John Kemper archive files.

Submitted by Jim Holtsclaw

John Hargrave, Lois Bruck

Alan Glass, Warren Sharp

Doug Anderson, Warren Sharp, John Hargrave

Ed Hyman, Doug Anderson

Claude Cook, Ben Donahue

John Hargrave, Ray Smith

John Hargrave, Floyd Emanuel, Walt Quitter

John Hargrave, Walt Quitter, Ray Smith

Claude F. Cook

"These pictures are from the family of Ben Ashlock who was a airway mech in the Salt Lake district. 1920's to 1950. I'm hoping some of our members maybe able to identify these individuals. If they can I would appreciate hearing from them. PBS will be here next week for a story on the beginnings of the federal airway system."
                                                                                                                Steven J. Wolff #3468

"Old pictures from Jim Bispo's files"
credits to Warren Lichtenberg #3161

ZLA 50th Anniversary Celebration Photos

Credits Patricia Faux #3483

Attending this Los Angeles Center 50th Anniversary Celebration were sixteen (16) of the original employees making the move from Los Angeles to Palmdale in March of 1963.

Pictured here with Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford. Seated (l-r): Tom Dowsett, Don Allen, Bruce Hickert, Mac Havens and George Turner. Standing (l-r): Leroy Sennette, Bob Kelm, Bill Jennings, Don Chaffee, Dennis Mayer, Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford, Mickey Burns, Fred Dalton, Ray Nelligan, Jim Candall and Lou Spencer. Not pictured Jake Garland.

Pictures from Seattle Center Breakfast
Credits to Jerry Johnson #3582

A bunch of us retirees had breakfast on 3/7/13.  We get together each 6 weeks or so to check on each other.

Left to Right Ed Bickford (AF), Lance Miller, JT Moore, Frank , Danny Grey, Mike Parks, Jesse, Duayne Ozborne, skip 2, George Samardick and Bill Talbot.


Warren Lichtenberg #3161

On February 12, 31 FAA retirees and spouses gathered at Benvenuto's in Boynton Beach for a spectacular luncheon. After we topped off the meal with either Bananas Foster or a profiterole, we were treated to a hair raising tale of survival by John Tippets, son of the late FAA Associate Administrator and Regional Director, who, with 5 others crashed their Lockheed Electra in southeast Alaska in January, 1943.

Four of the six people on the plane survived and were rescued after 29 long days and nights in freezing, snowy weather. The details of these 29 days are described in a book that John has written entitled "Hearts of Courage."

In reviewing my pictures, I realized that two people were not included, Gene Slyman and myself. Thanks to Ron Fandrick, who sent me pictures that he had taken at the luncheon. I am inserting some of those pictures. The rest of the photos are at the following website.

Don and Linda Cass were in town (Vero Beach). Bob and Debbie Ervin were returning to Michigan from a music concert in which Bob was participating. They all met with Jim Holtsclaw and Carol Campbell for lunch at the Tiki Hut Restaurant in Fort Pierce, Florida for a very long lunch and many tales of adventure at DTW in yesteryear.....If you were a DTW veteran you were probably part of the conversation.

Jim Holtsclaw #2738

9020 Graduates, October 1968
Credits to Jess Dillon #3827

Another trip to the archives! A few faces in the crowd that may be familiar! I wish I could name them all - or even half of them! Ian Wolf, Joe Chavez, Ken Patterson, Lennie Klopfenstein come immediately to mind. Care to name them all?

Doreen Brown birthday Celebration
Credits - Jim Brown

Doreen and Jim Brown #3220 with Carol and Tim Cunningham #3807 at a small birthday celebration for Doreen. Casa Guadalajara in San Diego’s Old Town.

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