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A lot of us got together at The Longhorn BBQ in Auburn, WA on 12/15/11. Pictures of just a few are attached. A lot more attended including former ATM's Helen Parke and Terry Falkner. Jerry Johnson #3582

Ron Karpov, Jerry Johnson, and Jim Mondt.

Ron Karpov, Jerry Johnson, and Jim Mondt.

Rob Jurgensen next to lady on left.

Mike Schmidt, George Samardik, and Danny Grey.
John Plaster in the middle.

Jim Mondt on the right.
Lance Miller on the right.

So, I do not think I sent any pictures from our recent expedition to the East Coast. I will spare you the details and write it up for my next yearly summary. But I did want to share these two pictures. One is from “Captain’s Dinner” one of two formal events during the Fall Foliage (what a misnomer, we saw maybe 3 trees that had any fall color, it had been too hot) and the other from a primary reason for our stopping in DC, the WWII Memorial. Both pictures feature my bride as well as the author. I am happy, proud to say I can still get into that tuxedo purchased some 30 years ago!!!
Sad to hear about John, I have been a regular contributor and an avid reader of the remember column for lo, these many years. Best of fortune to him!

Jim Brown #3220

Paul Petersen's 90th birthday was on October 22nd. His daughters Susan and Barbra hosted a party for Paul at his house in Chatham, Virginia.

Credits to Al Benson #2290

Paul and his family.

Picture 3_ birthday cake.

Picture 2_ daughter Barbra setting candles on cake. Paul & Susan looking on.

Picture 1_ Paul blowing out candles.

Carol and I recently had an opportunity to visit with Marge and Paul McAfee in their beautiful home in Escondido, CA. During our social conversation Marge brought out the camera and took this picture. I wanted to share it with the members, especially those who worked with Paul.

Jim Holtsclaw

Rockville, Maryland Area Luncheon, June 22, 2011
Submitted by Ken Cohen, Member #3501

We had 18 attendees including a few wives. Warren Lichtenberg was the picture taker so he does not show up:

From front left in blue shirt George Quinn, Jerry Bradley, Phil DeCara, Cliff Vogel, Brooks Goldman, Vic Foose,and Frank Carr.

From front left in blue shirt, Murray Boris, Bill Ornett, John Nigro, Dave Spokely and his wife, Ed VanDuyne, Jim Small, Pat Hollaway (friend of Ed's) My wife Marjorie and Me.

Credits to Jim Brown #3220
So I am sitting here in my den, waiting for a phone call. While doing so my eyes scan one of my “glory” walls. And I saw this picture. I always have in the back of my mind the requests that keep coming up for SOAP, pictures, we need pictures. Here is a picture. Now the only thing relative to SOAP in any remote way, is that when this was taken (and I do not have an exact date, I think around 1949-50) I was employed by the CAA and the station Chief had suggested (a few years before) that I try out for a part in a play by the Maui Community Theater. I was not much past the probation period and in such case I felt, based on my military experience that a suggestion from one’s superior was very close to an order. I did try out, not realizing that in the rather restricted number of potential actors, a tryout was only a formality. So, I did get the part. And I was hooked! Through the years since I have been in many productions and worked on almost every aspect including directing. This photo is perhaps the third or fourth play and was called “The Saturday Evening Ghost” later made into a movie as “The Canterville Ghost”. I am seen in the part of Lord Archibald Archibald Archibald, a young English nobleman who lives next door to the Canterville Castle.
I am not at all sure it can be of any value to SOAP, but I thought you might get a laugh out of it.

Added note: that Chief had been an actor in the depression days when the government was sending actors and other entertainers around to schools and other groups to “stimulate the economy”. He was in a troupe formed by the well known actor Frederic March. This Chief was still a very good actor and quite involved with the local theater. He was a smash, really a smash in “The Caine Mutiny Court Martial” when he did Captain Queeq. that was 1954, I can remember that year at least.

South Jersey SOAP

Credits to Bruce Hiles #3371

On May 12, a few of the members from South Jersey got together at the beautiful Smithville Inn for lunch. What started out as a discussion at the bar for a NARFE meeting five months ago ended up as Bruce sending e-mails to a dozen members and Gene sending out four snail mail inquiries? We received eight responses and seven showed up for a great meal and even greater afternoon of swapping tall tales and rumors.

Those attending were Rod Bourne, Bernie Garbowski, Anne Harlan, Ed Shuman, Don Schlots, Bruce Hiles and Gene Wilson.

Everyone expressed positive comments and we are looking forward to more of the same. Next meeting will be approximately August. If anyone is in the South Jersey area at that time, let us know and we will try to accommodate your schedule. Come by and join the fun.

Bruce and Gene

This picture was taken in 2009 at the MRY Tower Open Golf Tournament.

Fred Kelly #3468, Pete Lobato, Major Dan Jones (brother of Frank Jones #3414) and
Len Davis #3450.

Credit to Fred Kelly #3468

Very Pleasant Lunch at the
Dockside Restaurant, Vero beach, FL

The Ross' were visiting from Tennessee.  Jim Holtsclaw #2738

Jim Holtsclaw, Carol Campbell, Ruby and Dave Ross, Stu and Rickie Hayter

Negril Jamaica Trip February 2011
Jim Holtsclaw #2738

While in Florida this winter, Carol and I took a trip to Negril, Jamaica for a few days. Contrary to what many have told us, the country was very safe and the people were friendly, gracious and very helpful.

After going through Jamaican customs and immigration (very easy) we found our driver from the resort and after about 1-1/2 hours we arrived at Moon Dance Cliff Resort. We were very happy that we did not rent a car. Not only do the people drive on the left side of the road, they speed and the roads are in disrepair and very narrow. The streets are crowded with people trying to cross the road; there are no sidewalks and no traffic lights. Bicycles are ever present and it is a wonder that our driver didn't hit every other person we almost came in contact with.

Arriving at our resort we were given a rum punch to welcome us; then to our room which was elegant, spacious and boasted our private Jacuzzi on the patio. After ensuring the fridge in the room had adequate Red Stripe Light beer we went to the swim-up bar and met a group of folks from all over the country. They were attending their annual “Cousins Reunion”. We admitted that we had never heard of such a thing but they have been doing it for years.

Later that day and in the following days we would leave the resort in a cab and seek out a different area to explore and then to a restaurant each evening. Negril is located on the west side of the Jamaican island; therefore each evening sunset is as stunning as the former. Dinner, while each evening at a different location, always included a beautiful sunset. One unique restaurant opens at 4 (sunset was at 6:30) and closes shortly after the sunset. It’s called Rick’s Café and is swarming with tourists as the highlight each evening is a local male diving from a 60 foot plus tree into the ocean some 40 feet below the cliff. Then as soon as the sun sets and you finish your last drink (or food) they close the place up.

The island is hilly, highest one was probably 2500 feet, totally green and very full of plant life. Their water supply is excellent coming from underground springs. They advertise that their water is so pure the Red Stripe brewing company produces their beer from Jamaica waters. Their main income is tourism, primarily American tourists, with some Europeans thrown in. Next is sugar cane, then coffee, and agriculture producing all types of vegetables and fruit. Our breakfasts consisted of watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, grapefruit and grapes, all grown in their own country and have a superior flavor and taste to what we grow in U.S.; and of course their coffee, which was very rich and appealing.

Without exception all the Jamaican people we met were very polite, friendly and they are a nation of beautiful bodies, both male and female. While Kingston and Montego Bay, some 1-½ hours away still have some security and safety problems Negril has none that we were aware of.

Florida Retirees Luncheon and more
Warren Lichtenberg #3161

Last week, several FAA retirees and their wives met for lunch at the Boca Point Country Club as the guests of Harvey Kaplan. It was an informal gathering for deli sandwiches. We proceeded through a line to a carving station where we had choices of corned beef, pastrami, tongue and turkey piled about 3 inches thick with a choices of two sides and New York style pickles. Attending the luncheon were Larry and Evelyn Williams, Owen and Clair Birnbaum, Arnie and Paulette Schwartz, Ken and Linda Drews, Gene Slyman, Irv Mark, Herb Goldstein, Bob Klose, Harvey Kaplan and Warren and Naomi Lichtenberg. Next year, we would like to have a luncheon somewhere in central Florida. If anyone would like to volunteer to make the arrangements, I would appreciate it.

Also last week, Tome Hopkins and his wife Pat were my house guests. I had invited Tom to come down to Florida from his home in Virginia to speak to a group of high school students in an underprivileged area of Delray Beach. My men's club has been providing mentors for young men from that school for the past two years. In addition to weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions, every month we have a motivational speaker talk to the kids about the importance of a good education and hard work. Tom was a perfect role model of someone who succeeded in spite of various obstacles that confronted him. Tom related to the youngsters very well and several of them spoke with him at great length after his prepared presentation.

Here is a picture of Tom and me after we left the school and met up with our wives for lunch.

55th wedding anniversary at the “House Without a Key” restaurant in Waikiki the same restaurant we visited on our fist night as a married pair in 1956. We went there for our 50th anniversary and so went back again.
Jim Brown #3220

The  the first picture is the entertainment group right on the beach. They did the “Hawaiian Wedding Song” for us, as was so in 1956 and again in 2006.

Thi is Jim and Doreen toasting our longevity! We met on the island of Maui in 1955, married there in 1956 and lived there until 1962 when we came to California. The date was Jan 21.

2/10/2011 Bay Area FAA Retiree Luncheon
Credits to Bob Anolin #3790

(back row) Bill Garber, Tom McCort, Harvey Hartmann, Jim Babcock (not retired), (middle row) Rod Ketchum, Forney Lundy, Louie Martin, Bob Allen, Carroll Duprel, Ralph Sory, Jerry Audiat, ( own row) Bob Anolin, (seated) Lowell Thoreson, Ron Johnson, Bob Sauers, Glenn Coon,Larry Buggie, Harold Heinrichs, Andy Anderson)

I came across this picture of an FAA ARM (Rocky Mountain) Conference Larry Robison held in Denver, CO when he was the AT division manager. You may recognize some of the old timers (now) in the picture. Yes, that me first on the left seated, Larry, and Dick Failor.

Credits to Tom Doyle #3496

Bob Ervin #3517

This picture is one of the clubs I belong to. That's me on the lower right, the guy to my left playing mandolin is Albert Young who is simply superb. His band is breaking up as the bass had to move out of state and the drummer died so we are thinking of reorganizing with me on guitar and the vocals that Al doesn't want to do.

To my right, wearing a cap and jacket is Bob Codish. He wrote six of the songs on Johnie Bassett's latest album, "the Gentleman is back." His son, Cris Codish, played the keyboard, back up vocal and produced the album. I personally think it's better than anything BB King has done in years.

The guy straight ahead is an old blues player who is a music store manager, the two guys behind Albert are father and son who are just setting in for the hell of it like most of us do. Albert is also the foremost Glass Blower in the state and maybe the Midwest. Operates a studio/school on the edge of Detroit in an old factory building about two miles from this place. When we first met we were both surprised to find that his sister is an Air Traffic Controller at DTW with whom I worked a couple years before I retired. He also plays with my Raggle Taggle band when my mandolin player is out of town.

I play on Thursday night with a group called the Thursday night Jammers. We do old standards, blues, ragtime; 20's on up. Our song book was just edited down from 524 songs to 200.

And, I met Bill Bynum at that club a year or so back. He was playing a few songs and I played right along with him. When, after 6 or 7, he said, "you do pretty good on stuff you never heard." I said, "how you know I never heard 'em?" He said, "cause I wrote 'em." We've been friends ever since.

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