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December 10, 2010 - Once again they came together, right on cue, to share life’s experiences. The gathering is an old tradition. SeaTac controllers would frequently meet after work at the Fire Side Tavern to discuss events that may have occurred during their watch. The name of the establishment was changed in recent years to JJ’s Bar and Grill, possibly to give it a little class. At these gatherings “War Stories” (events or situations that occurred during the last tour of duty) were shared and analyzed. Of course, many problems were categorized as “management issues". Now discussions at JJ's tend to be about aches and pains, doctor visits and a little blue pill. Look at the pictures. Pictures are labeled so those who attended this therapy session can be identified.

June 16, 2011 - It may be difficult to discern from the pictures, but it is apparent short sleeves and lighter weight jackets were vogue for the June gathering. Reason? It is summer in the Pacific Northwest, the rain is much warmer in the summer. Warm rain was reason enough to call to order another gathering of the SeaTac Aces at JJ’s Bar & Grill.

Two new faces appeared in June, Nancy Tong and Jake Rutt. Nancy was Sea-Tac’s long-time secretary during many of the exciting years. Jake Rutt, a retired AF Technician, contributed his own “war stories” and made jest of some episodes about the “tower flowers” with whom he worked. Neither Nancy nor Jake realized that the preponderance of stories would relate to health issues. Joe Conner’s knee replacement took top honors and was judged to be the most impressive medical story of the day. Joe was pleased to show everyone the scars resulting from the procedure.

All pictures emanate from the artistically blessed, visually acute and technologically talented SeaTac Ace, Art Vail. Art electronically added names to the images of attendees at JJ’s Bar & Grill as an aid to those among the group who suffer from short term memory loss. Otherwise, they would be unrecognizable.

Bob Earl

December 10, 2010

June 16, 2011

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