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AF Managers 2002 Re-union in Houston

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From the left , Frank Reed, Harry Vick, Ralph Anglea and myself. This was taken when the three of them arrived in Lancaster for Denny Mayers retirement party. All , (including myself) served as Watch Supervisors/Assistant Chiefs in Los Angeles ARTCC. Frank Reed, who is 93 was the driver from the Los Angeles area. Great great reunion of many who knew and worked with Denny Mayer.

Paul McAfee hands off the reigns to Jim Holtsclaw in Paul's home
December 2002

Paul McAfee with SOAP member Marlin Binger

Tahoe host, SOAP member Ralph Anglea and SOAP member Forney Lundy

SOAP members Don Brink, Paul McAfee, Ed Lewis and Joe Pidd

Here are several photos taken at the gathering of FAA friends at Frank Jones’s place in Yelm WA on August 20 thru August 25. During the five days of the get together the gang baked pies, played golf, went sight seeing and mostly just enjoyed each others company. All together there was 55 people in attendance. Many were retired FAA employees and their wives along with Frank Jones' relatives. The majority of the FAA types were SOAP members and others said they would be joining up.

Bob Smith, Eileen Partridge and Irene Smith

Crystal Couch, Eileen Partridge, Jackie Jones, Gerry Turner, June Krohn, Jackie Burdette and Ellen Maag

Jake Garland, Bob Biava, Jim Turner and Frank Jones

Sun rising over Mt. Rainer. Photo taken from Frank Jones place in Yelm WA

Ken Krohn June Krohn

Red Jones (Frank’s brother) and Jim Turner, entertaining the guests

Members Ed couch and Jim Partridge with Crystal Couch

Irene Smith, Ken Krohn, Doris Roberts, Eileen Partridge and Don Roberts

Jim Turner, Frank Jones and Ken Burdette

Gang having dinner

Bob Smith, Eileen Partridge and Irene Smith

Left, Member Ralph McAndrews #2612 of San Diego at his 80th Birthday Party with good friend Walt Dalt who will be retiring from FAA in December 2001. 
Howard Clement taken at Ralph McAndrew’s 80th Birthday Party. Howard looks like he just escaped from Alcatraz Prison. Actually, it was the shadow from the slatted patio roof. Howard has been of great help in keeping the Executive Director advised of San Diego activities as well as Last Flights. His help is appreciated.

Lenny Moss, George Archer, Eddie Malo, George Robinson, Dan Bovie and Tom McCormack

George Archer, Tom McCormack, Lenny Moss, Ray Knispel, Eddie Malo, George Robinson, Dan Bovie

Photos From Our Getaway in Marysville, Washington -- Bob and Kathy Earl

Port Susan -- Expanded Deck

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