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South Florida Luncheon 2008

Paul McAfee Award 2008 Presentation

Your 2008 memories.


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Burbank Lockheed Air Terminal Control Tower circa 1958-1960
Credit to E. Paul Schultz #2256

Standing - John Hill, At Microphone - E. Paul Schultz, Third Person - Unknown

At Microphone - John Milo Martin, Standing Left - Shirley Smith Chief Burbank Tower
Standing Right - E. Paul Schultz


Credit the following remarks and photos to Ken Carr #3433.

"I believe these pictures were taken at a going away party for Dan Carr #3474 and Dick Miller #3493 in late 1973 or early '74. Dan was leaving AWP-510 for Chief of ATL Center and Miller was leaving AWP-540 for Chief of Miramar."

01 Ken Carr #3433, Marion Davis #3445, Jack Cutter, and Gerry Bogan

02 Dan Carr #3474 and Ray Zazzetti #3679

03 Dan Carr #3474, Ken Carr #3433, Marlin Binger #3500, Marion Davis #3445, Jack Cutter and Gerry Bogan

04 Dick Miller #3493, Richard Cox #2978 and Marlin Binger #3500

05 (Big) Bob Smith, Jim Holtsclaw #2738, Marion Davis #3445 and Gerry Bogan

Credits to: Fred Kelly #3468

The following photographs are about the "Kelly's Survivors" golf group that enjoys an event once a year in Mesquite Nevada. {approximately 80 miles north of Las Vegas}.

In 1994 two golfers played a few days of golf in Mesquite, NV (80 miles north of Las Vegas). Over the years the event has grown to 32 players. (As of 2007). Most are FAAers both retired and still active. Most are/were associated with the Western Pacific Region. The others are friends along for the fun during the three day invitational tournament.

The pictures are of a few FAA'ers that showed up to say Hi but didn't play. {Don Roberts and Ken Krohn}. Although the picture quality isn't perfect, see who you can recognize.

Retired: Curt Alms, Bob Biava, Bob Cook, Larry Fortier, Frank Jones, Fred Kelly, Bill McNeil, Frank McPherson, Jim Nyhus, Jerry Nolan, Vic Parker, Don Ralph, Tony Rivas, Larry Suppan, .Jim Turner.

Active: Jim Burgan. Kevin Teare, Rod Lindbeck,


Credits to Fred Kelly #3468:

The Los Angeles Pilot Education Program Team from the late 60’s/ early 70's. The picture was taken outside the FAA Hanger on Imperial Highway on the south side of LAX international airport. I'm the second from the left in the first row.

The first class of the Enroute Weather Advisory Service (EWAS) at the Academy in OKC in May-June 1972. (I'm the first on the left in the second row). EWAS was first started up along the West Coast and later expanded to cover the entire system. It was designed to provide real-time weather to airborne aircraft. As I recall the first four facilities were: SBA, PDX OAK and LAX Flight Service Stations. The service was later renamed Enroute Flight Advisory Service (EFAS). As far as l know it is still operating today.

Credits to Don Tyson #3495:

After WW2 there was a rush for Hams the world over to get back on the air. The Hams with Panagra were no exception. The main problems were the lack of Peruvian licenses, radio parts and/or equipment. Due to the cooperation of the US and Peruvian officials, Peruvian amateur radio operator licenses were obtained relatively easy. Obtaining radio parts and equipment was a different story. Electronic stores that dealt in Amateur equipment were practically non-existent, so that is where the problems were.

It so happened that during WW2 and some time prior to that, a spare box of radio parts was carried aboard each aircraft that included the vacuum tube 807 that was quite suitable for both amateur and commercial use. As the 807 tube began missing from the spare parts box a surprising number of transmitters (under construction) could be found in Lima and other parts of the Panagra System. It was about this time the Panagra officials decided that the spare radio parts box (airborne) was impractical. So the search began. A tin cookie box from Santiago was just about right for a small rig. (the cookies were not bad either!)

A 6.3v ac fil transformer was found in a remote part of Buenos Aires. It was transported out of Argentina and into Peru without customary procedures (import/export licenses etc; a 6L6 with a 220/10 ac (?) made a Heising (?) modulator (no pre- audio amp). The receiver consisted of an all band meisner (?) kit with a single tube converter (10 Mtrs). All power was supplied from the receiver. A measured 8 watts am was fed into the 3 EL beam, T -match and rotated by a bomb bay motor. Needless to say after a few minutes of operation the rig had to be turned off to allow it to cool off. Ten meters was wide open in those days and we were operating in the foreign phone band. Running ten watts or less we had a ball.

Adios Amigos, bien viaje y buena suarte!

#1 Senior Flight Communications Officer, Pan American-Grace Airways
(Panagra), Donald B.Tyson (194?), Lima Peru, Contemplating the days
work which meant -

#2 Brass Pounding! Lima-Panama 12 hours block to block

#3 Checking the 3 el. 10 meter beam

#4 Final touch with a bit of help form the junior op.

#5 Three el. ten meter beam, T matched and rotated with a bomb bay
(B-24) motor.

#6 The home QTH of Don Tyson, 0A41, Lima Peru, 1946-1949

Ken Cohen hosted his monthly SOAP meeting on June 4, 2008 at Tony Lin's Chinese Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. Seventeen people came out to hear Warren Lichtenberg give a slide show presentation of his February trip to Cuba. A write up of Warren's trip can be found on the SOAP web site. The slides showed life in six Cuban cities; Havana, Santa Clara, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Sancti Spiritus. A lively question and answer session followed the presentation.

Warren Lichtenberg

Ed Van Dyne, Len Bosin, Naomi Lichtenberg, Larry Kotzker, Charlie Newpoll

Jim Small, and Wife, Pat Holloway, Ed Vandyne, Len Bosin

Ken and Marge Cohen, Herb Brody, John Nigro

John Nigro, Bill Ornett, Gene Chirillo

Dave Spokley and Wife, Vic Foose

Tom and Barbara Jones stopped by their old stomping grounds in the Detroit area to have dinner with friends, July 17, 2008
Jim Holtsclaw #2738

Tom and Barbara Jones

Mary Jane Dawson, Barbara Jones, Debbie Ervin, Carol Holtsclaw

Rick Dawson, Bob Ervin, Jim Holtsclaw, Tom Jones

Carol and Jim Holtsclaw

Rick Dawson, Bob Ervin

DC-3 Cockpit
Nick Boyiazis #3400

The following photos of me several months ago are at the LAX Flight Path Learning Center of Southern California. For our friends that may not have seen a DC-3 cockpit for awhile...


USAF Memorial
Credits to Jim Davis #3622

Photo by Alex Kvassay, Lear Jet Retired.

Airmen Ainsley K Fullard-Leo (USAF)
Raymond P. Buday (USAF)
Emerson P Whaley (USAF)
Larry Fortier (USAF)
Jim Holtsclaw (USAF)
Bill Leisher (USN)

A “kid” points out your campaigns … alas the “kid” was present for only two.

"I’m gonna get a haircut on payday"

"King One Eight Tower, Wild Boar Two, thirty north, two F9’s … Wild Boar One is shot up pretty bad and fuel is spraying from his right wing … he ain’t talking and is leaning forward … seems to be holding onto to my wing ok … flames just started in his nose … oh … and he has a 250 pounder hanging … we’ll land any runway … and call Leisher … tell him to bring the pliers and the biggest hammer they got … we might need some bailing-wire too … we may have to declare an emergency … listening … out! "

Submitted by Ruby and Dave Ross #3541

We made a trip up to the DC area recently to visit our dear friends Harry and Audrey Hink and realized a lot of readers may not know Harry and what an interesting life he has led. We decided Harry certainly would make a good story for SOAP. Most people out there knew or knew of Harry’s big brother Lynn Hink, who we lost this past January, but some may not know Harry. Harry also retired from the FAA as a Division Manager in Airports, but there is more…(ed.note.....and it will appear in the 2008 50th Anniversary Annual). For a preview click here.

P27 Formation

Audry and Harry

Crew 27 Guam

Harry and Dave

Harry Hink

Photos for the 50th Anniversary Annual
Jerry Long #2514

SOAP Founder William A. Breniman and past Executive Director Geraldine L. Curtis.
"I wish I had said that."

Left to Right Wesley Martyn, William Breniman, Leon Daugherty
"Yes Bill, being Executive Director is hard work!"

Past Executive Leon Daugherty
"Yes - I know how this thing works"

Jerry Long SOAP Area Director N. CA, N.NV and OR
"OK people - stop picking on me or I'm out of here"

Past Executive Director Leon C. Daugherty with June and Jerry Long
"Sorry folks - there is no more room"

This sculpture is in front of the Air and Space museum at Dulles and is called "Ascent"

Jo Wenzel #2803

The Selfridge Gang
Bob Earl #3212

This picture taken in 1958 is of four airmen on leave for a few days at a lake in Michigan. We all went into the FAA after leaving Selfridge (AFB) RAPCON and Tower. In the picture, from left to right, Dick Gould, Bob Earl behind/Les Braham front, Lee Hollrah Tower and Don Dunn

Dick Gould may have worked in the Detroit TRACON, Les Braham may have worked in the Detroit area also, Lee Hollrah was at SeaTac Tower until 1981 and Don Dunn was at the Bay TRACON and ZOA as well. Bob Earl (that's me) was all over the place - enroute and terminal as follows: ZLA, TCM, ZSE, EDW, BFI, SEA RNT ANM, YKM COS, LAS and 7 years contract at CHD (Chandler FCT Arizona). I retired as AATM at LAS in 1994.

Bill Nimmo #2663 and his wife Susan

FAA Luncheon March 6, 2008
Fremont, California

Submitted by: Forney Lundy #2683 and Ron Johnston #3002

Front row, left to right: Forrest West; Louis Martin; Ron Johnson; Bob Torrey; Phil Smith; Rex Elwell and Bob Anolin.
Back row, left to right: Glen Coon; Dan Tellez; Elif Anderson; Jack Williams; Kurt Cooper; Lowell Thorsen; Hoot Gibson; Forney Lundy; Bill Garber; Karen Prijatoe; Jack Hughes; Bob Sauers; Bob Bishop and Frank Micco.

Eileen Partridge and FAA Friends

On November 30, 2007 Eileen Partridge and FAA friends gathered at the Flight Path Museum located at LAX Imperial Terminal at 6661 W. Imperial Highway, Los Angeles, CA on the south side of the Los Angeles International Airport to donate an aviation painting belonging to the late James Partridge.

Jim “Bird” Partridge passed away March 18, 2007. He served in the FAA Western Pacific Region for over 32 years (1957 – 1989) and is remembered for his outstanding service to the FAA, his hard work, dedication and generosity. The picture, which was donated to the museum, is a 1979 painting by artist Barry A.F. Clark of a P-51 airplane flying over the countryside. It was a favorite painting of Jim’s and he would be delighted that it is now hanging in the Flight Path Museum for others to appreciate.

For those not familiar with the museum, it provides a place for visitors to see the impact of aviation on the development of Southern California’s past, present and future. The main gallery offers an impressive view of today’s LAX and it’s past activities. It is the only aviation museum and research center situated at a major airport dedicated to contributions of civil aviation to the history and development of Southern California.

There is an array of aviation memorabilia, including historic photos, murals, aircraft models and other artifacts. The exhibition showcases the development of LAX since it’s opening as Mines Field on October 1, 1928, as well as the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers on December 17, 1903. Other exhibits include salutes to early airlines and aircraft manufacturers at LAX. A special area commemorates World War II military and manufacturing activities at the airport.

For more information on the museum you can visit their web site at for hours of operation and directions. Admission and parking at the museum is free.


In attendance for the dedication of the painting in Jim’s honor from left to right standing is Bill Henshaw, Shirley Henshaw, Aleta Lee, Nick Boyiazis, Yvonne Boyiazis, Doris Roberts, Bob Brekke, Mickie Martinez, Charla Martinez and Vern Tinsley. In front row is Elly Brekke, Joann Harvey and Eileen Partridge.

Web Dedication, Eileen With Painting

Web Dedication, Plaque

The Painting

Memorial Plaque

Eileen and Elly in Cockpit

Eileen and Doris in Cockpit

Orlando Gathering of DTW Controllers/Society Members

We had another great gathering of retired DTW controllers/Society members and spouses in Orlando, FL, on February 22 and 23, 2008. A lot of “stories” were shared about the good old days. This year’s attendees were Hank and Connie Anderson, Ted and Virginia Beckloff, Jim and Ginny Cook, Jack and Dorothy Goslin, Floyd and Judy Hedlund, Gordon and Cheri Heritage, Jim and Carol Holtsclaw, Tom and Barbara Jones, Roger Langdon, JD and Linda Ledbetter, Joe Lunder, Doug and Virginia Lott, Lonnie and Odette Parrish, Eddie and Ann Malo, and Ron and Gloria Tuck.

Jim Holtsclaw presented Lonnie Parrish with a document that Lonnie had given him some 40 plus years ago. It was a proposal for establishing Positive Control Airspace. That brought back a lot of pioneering memories. The group thanked Tom and Barbara Jones for once again spearheading this Annual gathering.

Everyone felt the event was really successful and we hope to do it again next year, perhaps during the first week of March. Stay tuned for further announcements………



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