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2012 Annual Florida FAA Retirees Luncheon

Vero Beach, Florida Annual Reunion
January 25, 2012. 
Photo Credits to
Warren Lichtenberg #3161

Respectfully submitted by Warren Lichtenberg

Dave Spokely and Ron Jones

Rickie and Stu Hayter

Gordon and Carol Campbell

Ted and Virginia Beckloff

Ted and Virginia Beckloff

Bob Klose

Brian Reihle and Ken Drews

Daisy Jones, Joan and Dave Spokely, Ron Jones

Dave and Brenda Jones

Glenn Waugaman

Irv Mark

Stu Hayter and Jim Holtsclaw

Ken and Linda Drews

Ken and Linda Drews

Larry Langweil and Gary Skillicorn

Les Hamlin

Linda Drews and Herb Goldstein

Naomi and Warren Lichtenberg

Olivia Larkens

Ron Jones, Dave and Brenda Weiss, Brian Riehle

Sondra Langweil and Naomi Lichtenberg

Glenn Waugaman, Bob Klose , Les Hamlin

Brenda Weiss, Olivia Larkens, Brenda Jones


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