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2010 Annual Florida FAA Retirees Luncheon

The ninth annual Florida FAA retirees luncheon was held on Wednesday February 3, 2010 at Benvenuto's, 1730 North Federal Highway (US1), Boynton Beach. Twenty eight people attended, spending three hours eating, drinking and swapping stories about old times. In particular, we spend time reminiscing about Claude Cook and Warren Sharp, both of whom had recently passed away.

Respectfully submitted by Warren Lichtenberg

Brian Riehle, Harvey Kaplan and Larry Kotzker

Carol Campbell and Jim Holtsclaw

Cheri Heritage, Angela and Brian Riehle

Ed Arch, Terry Greenwood and Sally Walker

Evelyn and Larry Williams

Glenn Waugaman and Les Hamlin

Gordon and Cheri Heritage, Angela Riehle

Harvey Kaplan, Larry and Trudy Kotzer

Herb Goldstein, Ken and Linda Drews

Ken and Linda Drews

Larry Williams and Herb Goldstein

Marty Goldberg, Gene Slyman, Obie and Lorraine Oberlander

Sondra and Larry Langweil

Warren and Naomi Lichtenberg

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