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First annual Florida SOAP Luncheon a Success
On February 26, 2002, the first annual Florida SOAP luncheon was held at Pete's Restaurant in Boca Raton. Twelve FAA retirees and nine wives gathered to drink, eat and recall memories of past experiences. The retirees represented Air Traffic, Airway Facilities, Logistics, Research and Development and Management Systems. Joe Bennett served as the official photographer and also had the honor of being the oldest person present, having joined the FAA as a controller in 1940. Those joining us for the luncheon included: Joe & Selma Bennett, Owen Birnbaum, Len and Goldie Bosin, Jerry and Barbara Cohen, Terrance and Sandy Walker Greenwood, Harvey Kaplan, Bob Klose, Larry and Sandra Langweil, Warren and Naomi Lichtenberg, Dave and Fran Sheftel, Gene and Jay Slyman, and Mel Watine.

For next year's luncheon, we are considering locations on the West Coast of Florida, as well as the East Coast in an effort to expand on the number of attendees

Jerry Cohen, Harvey Kaplan, Bob Klose

Harvey Kaplan, Bob Klose

Owen Birnbaum, Len Bosin

Warren Lichtenberg, Larry Langweil

Sandra Langweil, Warren Lichtenberg, Naomi Lichtenberg

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