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The third annual Florida SOAP luncheon, hosted by Gene Slyman, was held on February 24th at Coral Ridge Country Club, Ft. Lauderdale Florida. This luncheon was the largest we have had to date. Thirty-two people attended and all had a wonderful time. We had a one-hour cocktail party before we had a buffet luncheon of hand-carved roast beef and turkey with all of the trimmings. We are planning to have next year's luncheon in the Orlando area. Picture credits go to Warren Lichtenberg, Les Hamlin and Ken Drews. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see that two of the attendees are still currently employed by the FAA. We were fortunate to have Archie Archilla, Manager of the International Area Office for the Caribbean and South America, and Barbara Miller from the Orlando Airway Facilities SMO. They brought us up to date on the way the FAA is now organized and operating.

Submitted by Warren Lichtenberg

Archie Archilla and Walt Mitchel

Ed Arch and Leon Watkins

Ernie Fontaine and Gene Slyman

Harvey Kaplan and Herb Goldstein

J. Cohen, Glenn Waugaman and Archie Archilla

Jack and Barbara Miller

Jay Slyman

Jim Gore

Ken Drews and Herb Goldstein

Ken Drews and Ernie Fontaine

Les Hamlin and Dave Muller

Les Hamlin and Jerry Cohen

Linda and Ken Drews

Marie Muller and Larry Langweil

Mel Watine and Walt Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Watkins

Owen Birnbaum, Watine and Dave Sheftel

Sondra Langweil, Fran Sheftel and Naomi Lichtenberg

Terry Greenwood and Ed Arch

Tom Hunt and Warren Lichtenberg

Tom Hunt

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