The Paul McAfee Award 2009


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Executive Director Jim Holtsclaw presented this Award to John Kemper #2251 at his home in Torrance, California. The event was sponsored by his immediate family and included a luncheon with a champagne toast to the honoree. Following the Award Ceremony, is John's response "I'm just now coming down to earth. It's strange, but since it was not a surprise, I had planned to say a few words. But in the magic of the moment, I forgot what I had planned to say. That rarely happens.'

'I can truly say that I was overwhelmed. It is such an honor and so satisfying to be recognized for my work after all these years. And what a outstanding trophy! I am truly humbled by the award, but ever so grateful.' 'Please convey my sincere gratitude to the Board for their kindness. I'm still pinching myself."

Further details including the Award itself will be in the 2009 Annual.

Photo's by Carol Campbell, Editor


The Paul McAfee Award 2009

John Kemper, Jim Holtsclaw

Chuck Hone (son-in law), Steve Kemper, Margaret Dalton (daughter)

Jim Holtsclaw, George Whitehead

George Whitehead, Frank Cantrell

Bob Kelm

Bob Kelm, John Kemper

John Kemper talking with Paul McAfee (unable to attend)

His Honor, John Kemper

John accepting award from Jim

John being congratulated by Jim

FAA/Society Members

Group Photo

John with daughter Margaret Dalton

Ron Eberhardt (son-in-law), Paula Eberhardt (daughter), Chuck Hohn (son-in-law), Sherry Hohn (daughter), John, Jim Kemper, Margaret Dalton (daughter), Steve Kemper, Kerstin Lodman (daughter)

John with his Award

John cutting his cake


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Ron Cowles, Webmaster