Yelm Gathering 8/24-28/2004

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We had a nice little get together here in Yelm. The weather didn't cooperate too well, but we did manage to get in a couple of rounds of golf and got a couple glimpses of the mountain. Naturally, the day everyone left it was clear and 50 and the mountain was in plain view.  We had some 26 people show through the week, mostly FAA'rs.  FAA first timers this year were Jim and Carol Holtsclaw and it was great to see them again.  Our time was mostly spent around the porch and deck, having an occasional sip and recalling things that had happened during our career's and asking "whatever happened to old ?" Lot's of fun with good friends. I'm sure we had a good time since I had to take half a pickup load of cans and bottles to the recycle center today.

Frank Jones

Back row: L to R Frank Jones , Jimmie Harallson, Ed Couch, Sarah Parker, Vic Parker
Middle; Ken Krohn, Jack Meade, Red Turner, Jim Holtsclaw, Bob Smith
Front: June Krohn, Cheri Meade, Jackie Jones, Jacque Burdette, Gerry Turner, Carol Holtsclaw, Fred Kelly

Back l to r Frank Jones ,Jack Meade, Ed Couch, Jimmie Harallson, Red Turner
Front: Bob Smith, Cheri Meade, Ken Krohn, Fred Kelly, Vic Parker, Jim Holtsclaw,
Jacque Burdette

Fred Kelly and Jimmie Harallson

Jack Meade, Fred Kelly, Cheri Meade

Red Turner entertaining

Hostess Jackie Jones

Host Frank Jones

Fred Kelly, Ed Couch, Jim Holtsclaw, Jack Meade

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