Chick Foley's Retirement

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Chick Foley, SBA, retired on July 2, 2004 with 40+ years of service. There were about 180 people on hand to celebrate his retirement on July 10th. Forney Lundy #2683, presented him a one year gift membership into NARFE. There were many, many presentations, including a power point presentation on Chick's life. It was well done and very funny.

Pictures submitted by Forney.

Aileen Arakawa and Rick Harris

Buck Dodson and Kirby

Bud and Mrs. Reibel

Larry Cuesta and Chick Foley

Larry and Barbara Cuesta

David Green (ZOA) and Mike Millen (RIV AFSS)

Dick Muckle (AF)

Forney Lundy (MRY) and Larry Cuesta (SNS)

Forney Lundy and Sherry Avery

Greg Smith (PHX)

Ike (MRY and OAK)

Jim (LAX), Len Mobley and David Green

Jim Buckles (SAN)

Kamman and Foley

Mareno and Aileen Arakawa

Mike and Mrs. Fitxgerald

Tom and Mrs. Kammen

Unknown Lady with Jim and Jan Proper

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