John Tippets Speaks
in Rockville

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An FAA retirees' luncheon was held on August 23rd in Rockville Maryland. The speaker and luncheon were arranged by Ken Cohen and Ed Van Dyne. The speaker was John Tippets, who spoke about and adventure that his Father, Joe Tippets, had in Alaska in 1943. Joe "T" had been FAA Regional Director in the old Western Region and then Associate Administrator for Personnel and Training in Washington, DC.

Submitted by Warren Lichtenberg

Carol Strong, Charley Newpol, Gino Charillo and Jerry Trainor

Carol Strong and Charley Newpol

Cliff Vogel, Bill Ornett, and John Nigro

Doug and Freddy Anderson

Ed Van Dyne and John Tippets

Herb Roth and Cliff Vogel

Kelly and Tippets

Ken Cohen and Frank Carr

Len Bosin and Herb Brody

Newpol, Charillo and Trainor

Phil DeCara and Vic Foose

Stan Plotkin and Manny Ballenzweig

Tippets and the Andersons


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