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Your much appreciated assistance in recruiting is paying dividends. We are pleased to welcome the following new members into the Society.

Bouwman, Ron

Covey, Jerry

Gallo, Carmine

House, Susan

Loskamp, Paula

Mayer, Dennis

Noulin, Edward

Owen, John

Schlickenmaier, Herb

Strong, Robert

Tortorice, Phil

These members have been added since the 2015 Airway Pioneer and the last Quarterly Newsletter was printed and their names will not be shown in the Directory of those publications. If any member needs information on how to contact any of these members, they should direct their request to the Webmaster.


Brackman, Evelyn, #3942

Cassella, Charles


Members are encouraged to invite those former associates who are not members to visit our website. Hopefully, they will be encouraged to become a member. We are seeing a strong resurgence in interest to become a part of our organization due in large part to the outstanding communication opportunities presented by the Internet. We hope you will continue to assist us in adding new members to our roles. For starters, how about an e-mail or phone call encouraging a friend or colleague to join today?

Thank You,
Jim Holtsclaw

Society of Airway Pioneers
Robert "Bob" Long, Executive Director
Ron Cowles, Webmaster