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Pat Faux, Dean Martin, Mickey Burns, Jake Garland, Norm Winkel, Dennis Mayer (in back)
How lucky are those of us who manage to reach our 95th birthday? A recent celebration brought together some long-time friends in Santa Monica, CA to celebrate the 95th birthday of Dean Martin. Dean, a former Army Air Force pilot, was the first Air Traffic Manager at Edwards Approach Control (now Desert TRACON) and rose through the ranks to become an Assistant Manager at Los Angeles Center before retiring in the late 1970ís. Dean remained active throughout his retirement with travel and playing golf with his buddies at the Antelope Valley Country Club. In the past year Dean moved from his home in Palmdale to a new home in Santa Monica. His son, Jim, who lives and Hawaii and co-owns a home on the Big Island with Dean, planned the event. It was a wonderful time to renew old acquaintances and meet some new friends while recalling some of Deanís early days. Those ex-FAAers who traveled to the party were Pat Faux, Mickey Jones, Jake Garland, Norm Winkel and Dennis Mayer, all of whom are pictured with Dean in the photo above.

Submitted by Pat Faux #3483

Happy 80th Birthday!

Yesterday (July 17, 2017) at the monthly Thursday morning retiree breakfast, Dave Harper's daughter; Stephanie Benz, gave him a surprise 80th birthday party.

Submitted by Ron Fandrick #3877

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