Airway Pioneer Member
Kenneth W. Peppard

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1969-1973 ATCS Washington ARTCC, FAA
1973-1974 Assistant to Chief, Washington ARTCC, FAA
1975-1978 Data System Specialist, Washington ARTCC, FAA
1979-1980 Evaluation & Proficiency Development Specialist, Washington ARTCC, FAA
1981-1984 Staff Specialist, Airspace and Air Traffic Rules Division, FAAHQ, FAA
1985-1986 Accident Investigator, Office of Aviation Safety, FAAHQ, FAA
1986-1990 Special Assistant to Board Member Joseph T. Nall, NTSB
1990-1999 Program Manager, Office of System Capacity, FAAHQ, FAA
1999-2001 Special Assistant to Director, Office of System Capacity, FAAHQ, FAA
2001-2002 Director, Tell FAA Task Force, Office of the Administrator, FAAHQ
2001-2010 Reserve Pilot at Hangar 6, Washington Reagan National Airport, FAAHQ
2002-2007 Program Manager, Office of Operations Planning Performance Analysis, FAAHQ
2007-2010 Program Manager, Office of Performance Analysis and Strategy, FAAHQ
2011 Retired in January from FAAHQ with 43-1/2 years Federal service

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