Airway Pioneer Member
Richard L Reynolds

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Air Traffic Controller/Supervisor/Manager:
USAF - 1953-1956, Smokey Hill AFB, KS; St. Louis ATCT; K-2; K-8
CAA/FAA - Cheyenne CS/T 58-61; Edwards RAPCON 61-66; Phoenix
TRACON 66-68; O"Hare ATCT 68-71; Moline ATCT 71-75; Denver Stapleton
ATCT 75-82; Honolulu ATCT 82-84; Salt Lake City ATCT/TRACON 88-91;
Barton ATC - Flagstaff 84-86
SERCO - Lihue ATCT 2002-2003
ATC Related experience
Course Developer/Classroom Instructor in Airspace and Procedures
Univ of Oklahoma @ MMAC 91-94
Manager, Air Traffic Services, Delta Air Lines 94-2000.
Retired from FAA 6/84 Re-employed annuitant 4/88-10/91

Society of Airway Pioneers
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Ron Cowles, Webmaster