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Robert L. Ervin

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Its that same old story you've all heard a thousand times; farm boy graduates from High School, 1949, doesn't know what he wants; bums around a couple years and gets drafted in 1951. Joined the Navy in Jan 1952. Looked for a job that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer and you don't get wet! Learned Air Traffic Control and joined CAA at STL in 1956; YIP as a controller in 1961; DTW as a controller 1965; then Data Systems Specialist, EPDS, then on to Chief Ann Arbor, MI, and DTW Team Supervisor , retired in 1989. I was an Air Traffic Control Consultant through 1991. I currently am working as a Personal Computer consultant. My greatest accomplishments: Got four kids through college and never reached my highest level of incompetence, yet.
Now, I am the Treasurer for the Society of Airway Pioneers, working closely with two of my favorite people: Jim Holtsclaw, Executive Director and Rick (Reggie) Dawson, Secretary/Editor. Bob Ervin-Treasurer.

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