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I am applying for membership in The Society of Airway Pioneers based on my endeavors, current or past which involves participation in one of the following civil or military options: air traffic control, flight service station, airway facilities, flight standards, airport service, development, production, installation, testing, maintenance, or operation of any program or service associated with the National Airspace System (formerly called Federal Airways System).

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I am applying for associate membership based on my current or previous experience as a flight crew member, dispatcher, DOD Ait Traffic Personnel or other aviation oriented career.

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Name of member(s) who encouraged me to join or how I learned about the Society of Airway Pioneers.

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If retired, list date.

Check sent for $19 (USD).  Annual dues are $15 and initial fee is $4, A Lifetime Membership is also available for $200.00(USD). Make checks payable to: "The Society of Airway Pioneers"  You can also pay your membership dues using PayPal or a credit card (for a one dollar extra fee) by clicking on this link Pay Dues Here.


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