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Sky-One Offer

Bob Long
Date: 10/3/2020 1:08:52 PM


We have a unique opportunity to raise money for our Society of Airway Pioneers. We have partnered with Sky-One and they are offering a special promotion during the month of October. They will give us a $1,000 donation, if we share this link with our members and family. Just sign-up for an account by or before October 30th. You will also get a $25 Amazon Gift Card for becoming a member. They also have a youth promotion for your children or grandchildren and they will credit $50 to jump start their savings account.

Use the link:

1. Find your employer in the eligibility section or just select None of the Above
2. Click on Yes in the promo code section and enter: Society of Airway Pioneers
3. Select Ernesto Velasquez in the how you heard about us field
4. Please send him a message that you entered an application, To keep track of who signs up!

We need 10 people to join and this will give our organization a $1,000 donation during the month of October! Thank you for your support in getting this extra money to help our organization!!

Society of Airway Pioneers
James Holtsclaw, Executive Director
Ron Cowles, Webmaster