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Jerry Parker Video

Bob Long
Date: 3/22/2018 11:11:28 AM


Sharing the following post from Jerry Parker's Daughter: Please forgive the delay in letting you know Dad passed away on October 18, 2017. I was in AZ to fly with Mom and Dad in one of Scott Glover's airplanes on October 11 to attend the WWII Pilots Reunion at his Mid America Flight Museum. It was an amazing 5 days in Texas filled with many special moments. A cinematographer made a documentary as Dad flew the C-47, Sky King. Coincidentally, the creator was from Phoenix and worked tirelessly to make a video to be shown on the movie screen in the fellowship hall after Dad's memorial service on October 30. It is on YouTube entitled: "C47 military DC3 flown by 95 year old veteran".
After enjoying his ride in the cockpit on the flight back to AZ on October 16, Dad had problems walking and was taken to a nearby medical center. By the time Mom and I arrived, he was sitting in bed and looked better. Kept overnight for observation, he stayed the next night because "some numbers were not what they wanted." The following day he was released and by early afternoon Dad was sitting in his recliner at home looking at mail. Late that afternoon, he went into the other room and I found him unresponsive sitting on the floor next to his bed.
While Mom and I miss Dad every day, we believe it was meant to be. What are the chances his last week of life would be one of the most wonderful weeks of Dad's 95 years? That his 70-year old daughter who has lived on the other side of the country for 52 years would share the week and be here for Mom?
In life, Dad shared his warmth and wisdom with hundreds of friends and many generations of family members who savored the opportunity to spend time with him and hear his stories. And, in death, we remember the kindness of his heart, the optimism of his outlook, and the belief he always held that tomorrow would be a better day

Judy Parker

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