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50 Years Ago - Request for Info

Jim Holtsclaw
Date: 3/3/2017 11:44:43 AM



I'm hoping all is well with you and with the Airways Pioneers organization and its members ................

I am on a new search re my Dad (Joseph H. Tippets). 50 years ago (in May of 1967), much to Dad's surprise he received and Honorary Doctorate Degree from Brigham Young University. What I do know is that someone (likely multiple some ones) within the FAA Western Region in '66-'67 initiated and caused this to happen.

I'd like, if possible to pin down the process (who's idea it was, how they made the contacts, etc.) and to know any names. There may even be some documentation.

I fully realize that conspirators of 50 years ago are likely no longer with us, but I know the Pioneers does include many across the country who were with the FAA in the '60s. Is there a means, to in some manner make a broad inquiry?? It would be a long shot but could be fun. (Picture attached of Dad together with two other honorees that day: Norman Vincent Peale and George Mardikian).

Separate subject: Over the past couple years I've been on a sort of 'Speaker Circuit' telling Dad's Alaska 1943 survival story (of the Gillam crash) as an Inspirational/Motivational for groups and meetings across the country. It's something that I'm really enjoying....see attachments.

All the best, John Tippets (FAA Summer employee, Alaska Region, 1963)

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