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Excellent Book

Bill Edmondson
Date: 9/12/2016 11:22:35 AM


Just finished an aviation book by John J. Nance, Final Approach. I know, hokey title like you might see on a cereal box, but itís good. Very good, even excellent. I gave it a 10.

FAA headquarters has considerable mention, the eight floor, the FAA specialist who several pages later is corrected to Duty Officer, even mention of the AOA-l daughter who married the king. Data recorder gets corrected to flight data recorder and the voice recorder finally is referred to as the CVR. Youíll feel right at home as I did reading it. How many aviation books have you read where flight standards is mentioned?

I got it as an e-book through BookBub, and Barnes and Nobel.

BTW the publishing date is 1990. Iíd been gone two years by then.

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