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Manassas to Manassas Around-the-World flight began on Sunday 4/10/16

Ken Peppard
Date: 4/11/2016 2:34:57 PM


Adrian Eichhorn began his Around-the-World flight in N1733G (1962 P35 Bonanza) on Sunday, April 10, 2016 from Manassas Airport, Virginia. He departed Manassas at 1725 UTC (1325 EDT) and flew south toward Warrenton Airport and Bealeton, VA, for an initial look-over by pilots in another aircraft. He then headed for Bangor, Maine, the first stop on his journey. With favorable winds, N1733G completed that leg in 3 hours 27 minutes.

His departure and route of flight from Bangor is weather dependent.

His flight can be tracked at:

A map of his intended route and other information are available on the website. Also, here's the link to a jetBlue blog that offers a nice interview of Adrian and his planned flight.

Adrian expects the trip to take up to six weeks and plans to arrive back at Manassas sometime in the latter part of May.

Please follow his progress and wish him well!

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