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John O'Leary Update

Jim Burgan
Date: 3/9/2016 6:20:47 AM


He continues to make progress every day. He is starting to get feisty and continues to bargain to get out of here. All good signs. The Dr is not going to rush to get him out as he wants to be certain he is safe and at his best. Starting to communicate more but that is not consistent. They were not able to take the feeding tube out because he is not able to fully follow commands and swallow. That too will take time. They are starting to make some changes to his medications because many things contribute to confusion .

They removed his bandage as the incision. Is healing well but it is not pretty.

He has not lost his fight and determination . The battle of wills has been won by him a long time ago. He continues to negotiate his release.

As the week goes on we hope for more stability and clarity.

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